Who is Hailey Grice? A 20-year-old model, apparently. But it seems as though she’s been labelled as something she’s not – Dan Bilzerian’s “wife.” Read on to find out more about this story and Grice’s take on it! 

Dan Bilzerian Wedding Rumors

Dan Bilzerian, known for his outlandish lifestyle posts on Instagram, surprised his 33 million followers with a recent picture of himself dressed in a suit next to a woman in a white dress. The caption read “Best day ever,” leading many to believe that the duo had gotten married.

However, it was later revealed that the woman was model Hailey Grice and the two were simply attending a friend’s wedding.

Media outlets had confused Grice for Bilzerian’s rumoured girlfriend, Sofia Bevarly. Nevertheless, the photo stirred up quite a frenzy on the internet, with fans speculating about Bilzerian’s relationship status. Is he off the Bachelor market? But it is sure that Hailey grice is not the women fan’s are thinking as wife of our playboy stud.

About Hailey Grice

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Model Hailey Grice rose to fame after posting a series of breathtaking Instagram photos. She began sharing her stunning images on the social media platform Instagram. After that, she became instantly renowned and well-liked among fan’s. People all across the world were mesmerised by her stunning physical appearance.

Hailey is a native American, According to her Instagram profile, she completed a legal degree. There were 977k people that followed Hailey on insta. Besides Instagram, she has a huge fan following on Twitter as well as Facebook, and Snapchat.

Hailey is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys going to the gym to stay in shape. Her hourglass form is well-known. Hailey’s fans are enamoured with her body. She has a thing for posting sultry selfies of herself online. It is her favourite feature to show off. In addition, she has drawn the attention of some of the world’s most well-known fashion labels.

Many of the fashion retail businesses she has worked with include fashion nova, as well as lingerie and bikini retailers like Lounge Underwear, Oh Polly and Rebellious Fashion. She posts pictures of her in bikinis and swimsuits on Instagram to advertise the products.

Do you think Dan Bilzerian should get married? Let me know in the comment below. In the meantime, check out some of Grice’s hottest modelling shots from Instagram.