How Did Greg Patrick Die? Know Everything About His Cause Of Death and Obituary

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of former Valley high school and UA assistant football coach Greg Patrick. Greg Patrick had a successful career at Valley Christian, Mountain Pointe, Chaparral, Horizon and North as a defensive coordinator. Keep reading more to get information about him.

Who was Greg Patrick?

Patrick was a passionate and dedicated coach, who spent time and energy giving back to his students on the football field. He was on the UA staff for two seasons (2019-2020) under former head coach Kevin Sumlin. During his first season, he was hired as a defensive analyst and briefly promoted to defensive line coach when Sumlin fired Iona Uiagalelei.

Though Greg’s two seasons with the UA were brief, his impact in the classroom will be felt for years to come. His passion for coaching went beyond teaching technique; he focused on preparing young players for their future by sharing his knowledge of football strategy with them. He also took an interest in their personal lives, taking time out of practice to check in with players about their academic progress or have conversations about life outside of football.

In addition to mentoring student athletes during practice time, Patrick was known for dedicating extra time after class to developing relationships with players over dinner or coffee. This commitment earned him respect from both current and former players alike who remember him as a father figure who cared deeply about their well-being both on and off the field.

The Legacy of Greg Patrick

Greg Patrick leaves behind an incredible legacy that will live on through all those he touched throughout his career as a coach. The stories shared by former students can attest to this; they speak of how he made an effort to get to know each individual player no matter what position they played or how talented they were as athletes. He believed that every person deserved respect regardless of ability or experience level, which made him popular amongst teams he coached at all levels—from youth leagues up through college athletics programs at UA. Even though we mourn his passing today, it is clear that Coach Patrick’s impact will live on through those he taught and inspired throughout his lifetime as a mentor and educator in Arizona football programs.

How did Greg Patrick die? What was the cause of death?

On Sunday, the passing of former Valley high school and UA assistant football coach Greg Patrick. His commitment earned him much admiration from both current and former players, who remember him fondly as a father figure concerned with their wellbeing off the field as well. The cause of death has yet to be revealed at this time. Greg Patrick leaves behind an incredible legacy that will live on through all those he touched during his career.

Greg Patrick Obituary

Greg Patrick was an exceptional role model whose passion for coaching was unparalleled. Through hard work and dedication both in the classroom and off the field, Coach Patrick created lasting bonds with those around him—students, colleagues, family members—that were truly special and unique. We are deeply saddened by news of his passing but thankful for all that he has given us during our lives—lessons in sportsmanship, leadership skills as well as life lessons that continue to guide us even today in our own lives beyond football fields across Arizona communities! Greg Patrick’s legacy will certainly live on through generations of footballers inspired by him!

Tributes Pour To Greg Patrick Death

Ric Sage@WSNinc2022
To his family….my condolences!!!!…..RIP GREG!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Breakers DL coach, Greg Patrick, died on Sunday. RIP.

Adam Dixon
Greg Patrick I can’t believe I’m writing something like this. This one is hard to fathom.
Coach patrick, you made such a great impression on my life. I want to thank you for everything you’ve given me. The car rides, trips to native on Tuesday’s after practice because the defense did the damn thing on Friday nights lmao! The conversations about life. You gave everything you had to us Chavez boys to be the best student athletes but more importantly, be the best men of God we can be.
So much more I can write about you.. more than a coach. This one hurts. I love you coach. You earned your hall of fame jacket in heaven. Rest well.

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  1. Greg had a massive impact on so many people. I’m sure everyone that saw this and knew Greg are in complete shock. He was an incredible friend and I literally can’t think of a time when weren’t laughing and telling incredible stories I used to love going to the gym to train with him or go out on the town with him. When his brother was in town we would have such a great time. This is a huge hit for all of us that loved Greg. He will never be forgotten! I have so many great memories….RIP Greg

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