Google Logo Turns into Grey, Giving a Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Why Google is Grey?

On September 11, Google users were perplexed to see the search engine’s once-colorful logo changed to grey. The change in color was in the honor of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away at the age of 96 the day before, on Thursday, September 8th. Google frequently pays tribute to famous people with Doodles – modified versions of its logo – but in each of these instances, users can click on the emblem to see a page that honors the historical figure and their accomplishments.

This particular Doodle is unique in that it is not clickable; instead, it commemorates the queen’s life and her many years of service to her country. While some users are confused by the sudden change in color, others find it a fitting tribute to a remarkable woman who led an extraordinary life.

Twitter reacts to Google’s grey logo

For many of us, the Google homepage is one of the first things we see when we log onto the internet. And for nearly two decades, that homepage has featured the company’s brightly-colored logo. But on Sunday, the logo turned grey, leaving users around the world confused and concerned. Some took to Twitter to confirm that they were seeing the same thing, with many speculating that there might be something wrong with their computer screens.

However, it quickly became clear that the change was intentional on Google’s part. The company later released a statement explaining that the grey logo was meant to be a “reminder of how much we rely on information—and particularly search—during difficult times“. Given the current global situation, it’s a poignant message that resonates with us all. While the world may be a little greyer these days, we can take comfort in knowing that Google will always be there to help us find our way.