Gogglebox Star Andrew Bennett Arrested: Who Is Andrew Bennett Gogglebox?

Gogglebox Star Andrew Bennett Arrested

Gogglebox star Andrew Bennett Arrested

Andrew Bennett, a former Gogglebox actor who was sentenced to prison following a horrific sex assault on a young child that made him cry. While they were sitting on the couch together the 47-year-old who was a star in episode 12 of The Channel 4 show, jumped at the victim.

Bennett approached the boy with a love bite and then tried to lure him into a bedroom so that it was possible to perform a sexual action on Bennett. Bennett declared, “Stop, you’re making me feel bad,” as the teenager tried to make him feel old. age.

Bennett initially denied that he had attacked the victim, and blamed his sexy actions due to “slimming substances.” Once DNA tests proved that he was involved in the crime, he admitted to one charge of inciting or persuading a minor participate in sexual activities and two counts of sexual contact with children.

Bennett was sentenced to 29 months prison. He must be a part of his name on the Sex Offenders Register. He is also required to follow the ten-year prevention of sexual harm order.

Bennett who was drinking, was allegedly snapping photos with the teenager before taking him to the location, according to the court. Bennett asked if the teen was gay and the teen said no before pursuing Bennett further.

Gogglebox Star Jailed

Andrew Bennett, the star of Gogglebox was well-known and loved by many people. You’d be mad at him if discovered his latest sexual sexy conduct.

According to the Internet, there’s been rumors of Gogglebox actor Andrew Bennett has been arrested for sexually assaulting a young boy. Bennett sexually assaulted the boy and it’s hard to believe. He was arrested by authorities and sent to jail.

A 47-year old man who was a part of in the 12th episode on Channel 4’s show allegedly cornered the teenager in a home and assaulted him according to reports. He brutally raped him and the teen is being filmed screaming and flashbacks.

Prior to forming a relationship with the boy the actor took photos with him. He also put the teenager on the couch. It’s true that this was a bit odd however, it is quite evident that this actor did not have anything connection with teenager and he’s being severely punished today.

Why Was Andrew Bennett Gogglebox Arrested?

A former Gogglebox celebrity was sent to prison for sexually assaulting a teenager. Andrew Bennett allegedly took photographs with his victim, before squeezing him on a couch and giving him a kiss bite, and then dragging him to a room for sexual liaison, according to Newcastle Crown Court.

He is now facing one count of the incitement or inducement of children to participate in sexual activities and two counts of sexual contact with an infant. The 47-year old from Sunderland’s Gleneagles Road was sentenced to 29 months of prison.

A judge Tim Gittins also made him sign the register of sexual offenders and abide by a 10-year preventive order against sexual assault.

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Who Is Andrew Bennett Gogglebox?

Andrew Bennett is a former Gogglebox celebrity. There is not much details about him or his biography on the web. If we find out more information about his bio, we’ll make it available on this page.

Andrew Bennett, 47, was sentenced to jail after he “cornered” a teenage kid in a home and attacked him, which left the victim “in tears,” according to Mirror. The former television personality received a sentence of 29 months prison and was required to register as an offender of sexual assault. Bennett was advised in the court hearing that he had to comply with a ten-year sexual assault prevention order.

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