How Did Gary Knafelc die? Gary Knafelc Cause Of Death Explained

Gary Knafelc, a living legend of the Green Bay Packers, passed away on December 19, 2022 at the age of 90. The team confirmed his death on Monday, revealing that he had passed earlier in the morning in Clermont, Florida. He paved the way for future hall-of-famers to make their mark in professional football and will always be remembered as an inspiration to many. Keep reading more

Who was Gary Knafelc?

Knafelc was born in Pueblo, Colorado on January 2, 1932 and went on to play college football at the University of Colorado in Boulder under head coach Dal Ward. Knafelc eventually made his way to the Green Bay Packers where he became a team starter and part of the Lombardi title teams that won two NFL championships during his time with the team. He was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame in 1988.

Gary Knafelc played as a tight end for several teams during his professional career. After graduating from college in 1954, he was selected by the Chicago Cardinals in that year’s NFL draft. He then moved on to play for Green Bay from 1956-1962 before ending his career with the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles between 1963 and 1965. During his tenure with Green Bay, he earned All-Pro honors three times and played in five NFL championship games during those seven years. In addition to being part of two title teams while with Green Bay, he also set several records as a Packer including most receptions by a tight end (125) and longest reception (92 yards).

Impact Of Gary Knafelc

Knafelc’s impact is still felt today both by fans who remember him fondly and players who followed him. His record for longest reception stood until 1997 when it was finally broken by Antonio Freeman’s 95 yard touchdown against Minnesota Vikings. The number 88 jersey which he wore during his time with Packers has been retired ever since 1993 when Reggie White took over as an honorary captain at Lambeau Field wearing it to honor Knafelc’s legacy within the organization. Even after retirement from playing football, he served as an assistant coach for Don Shula’s Baltimore Colts in 1966-1967 before later working as an assistant personnel director under Vince Lombardi from 1969-1970.

How did Gary Knafelc die? What was his Cause of death?

Gary Knafelc, who died Monday morning in Clermont, Florida. How Knafelc passed away was not disclosed but his family plans to hold a small funeral service for him in Florida, where he has lived for the past ten years. Although Knafelc will be remembered for his talented nature on the field, he will forever remain in the hearts of Packers fans as a true mentor and leader both off and on the field.

Gary Knafelc Obituary

Gary Knafelc will never be forgotten and will go down in history as one of the most memorable and meaningful stars to have donned a Packers jersey. It is sad that such a legendary figure has passed away but it is comforting knowing that his legacy will live on forever through all those who remember him fondly or have followed suit after him on their own journey towards success.. May Gary Knafelc rest in peace

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Mark Daniels@markdanielsWNFL
Press box remembers passing of Gary Knaflec, former
tight end, Lambeau PA announcer. Went to high school with his sons Guy and Greg, he’ll always be “Big’in” to me. RIP Gary.

just a short note… my uncle Gary Knaflec… passed this morning…

My uncle, Gary Knaflec, Green Bay Packers, 1954-1962…..

Gary Knafelc will forever be remembered as one of the greatest players in Packers history; not only did he help lead them to two NFL championships but also set numerous records during his time with them which still stand today despite being broken or surpassed many times over since then. Gary Knafelc – we will Miss you.