Fredericton Shooting Leaves 2 in Hospital and 1 in Custody: Know What Happened

A scary shooting took place near the Hanwell Mini-Home Park area in Fredericton, New Brunswick that left two people in hospital while a person was arrested. Read on to learn everything about the Fredericton shooting from earlier today.

The police are asking residents to avoid the affected area as the investigation continues. However, there is no threat to the residents as per the latest update.

Fredericton Shooting today: What Happened?

A non-fatal shooting was reported before 7 AM today on Leafwood Crescent, which is in the Hanwell Park area. Two people were shot at the Hanwell trailer park in Fredericton. They were rushed to the nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Fredericton Police Force spokesperson Sonya Gilks said officers responded to a report about the shootings early Friday morning and one person was taken into custody. The police are searching for a second suspect who was involved in the incident.

The police have also revealed that the shooting was not random and the victims and the suspects knew each other.

Prior to that, the residents were evacuated and neighbors were in a hold and secure position. The people in the affected area could return home only after 10 AM.

No Threat to the Residents in Fredericton
Sonya Gilks has also confirmed that there is no threat to public safety despite the other person involved in the shooting being on loose. She said that the shooting was not random and carried a motive.

However, people are still advised to avoid visiting the Hanwell Park area. Meanwhile, the residents should stay at home. Anyone having information about the scary incident is urged to contact the police and share it.

At this time, the incident does not meet the criteria for an Alert Ready message,” Gilks said.

What was the Motive for the Fredericton Shooting?

The motive behind the Fredericton shooting where two people were shot is unknown at the time of writing. The police are interrogating the person taken into custody to figure out the cause behind the scary incident. However, no information has been released so far.

It was revealed that the people involved in the incident including the victims and the suspects knew each other. The motive behind the Fredericton shooting will be available soon. We will update this section then.

The police are still on the lookout for the second suspect while the officers will remain on the scene to keep an eye on one of the homes.

Fredericton Shooting: Are the Victims and Suspects Identified?

Yes. The victims and suspects of the Fredericton shooting have been identified. All four of them are locals. However, the police have not released information about their identity yet. They have been kept private.

The two victims who were shot in Fredericton are getting treated for their injuries at the hospital while a suspect is in custody and the other one is on loose.

We are waiting for the police to release more information about the people involved. This is a developing story. We will keep you posted with further developments.