How Did Fred White Die ? What was his Cause Of Death, Obituary and More

On January 1st, 2023, the world was in shock and disbelief as news of the sudden passing of Fred E. White, one of EWF’s original members and a renowned American drummer, spread. His extraordinary drumming skills had become renowned beyond the band, with many citing him as the man behind the beats of Donny Hathaway’s Live album. Keep reading more

Who was Fred White?

White was born Frederick Eugene Adams in 1955 in Chicago, Illinois. He began playing drums when he was just 11 years old and went on to become an accomplished professional musician at only 17 years old. He became one of EWF’s original members in 1972 and toured with them for several years before leaving the group in 1979. During this time, he also released a solo album called The Magician which featured some of EWF’s classic hits such as “Reasons” and “Sing a Song.”

In addition to his work with EWF and as a solo artist, White also contributed drums to Donny Hathaway’s Live album which was released in 1972. This album is now considered a classic among soul music fans around the world and has been sampled by many hip-hop artists over the years.

An Influential Music Teacher

White left the music industry after 1979 but continued teaching music for many years afterwards. His students included some very famous names such as Martin Luther King Jr., Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Tina Turner among others. He taught these students everything from basic drumming techniques to intricate rhythms that they could use in their own performances or recordings. He was also known for encouraging his students to explore different genres of music so that they could better understand how rhythm connects all styles together. His impact on modern music can still be felt today through those he taught throughout his career as a teacher.

How did Fred E. White die? What was the cause of Fred E. death?

Fred E. White, an iconic American drummer and beloved relative, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly according to a Facebook post. His family’s grief and shock was evident in the touching post which read “The day is tragic for our family. With the passing of a wonderful and gifted relative, Frederick Eugene “Freddie” White, our dear brother.” What seemed confusing to many was that no information has been reported on what caused this great musician’s untimely death although funeral service details may be released later on in time.

Fred E. White Obituary

Fred E. White will be remembered for his immense contribution to modern music both as an artist/musician and teacher who touched so many lives with his passion for rhythm and sound. While we mourn his loss, we must also celebrate all that he accomplished throughout his life and recognize him for the true musical genius that he was. May we all find peace knowing that our beloved Fred E. White will never be forgotten; may we honor him by continuing to make beautiful music just like he did during his lifetime! We offer our sincerest condolences to Fred’s family during this difficult time; may you find peace knowing that your loved one left behind such an incredible legacy!

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My condolences amen thank Lord🙏 Jesus Christ🙏amen

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My condolences to his family may he Rip🙏

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Condolences to the White/Adams family on Freddie s passing. RIP King 🙏

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