How did Fred Franzia die? What was the cause of his death ?

Fred Franzia, the co-founder of Bronco Wine Company, passed away at 79. Franzia was known for his innovative business practices and his ability to turn Charles Shaw, aka “Two Buck Chuck,” into a nationwide phenomenon.

Who was Fred franzia?

Franzia co-founder of Bronco Wine Co. in 1973 as CEO of one of the highest-volume producers in the nation. Franzia was known for his commitment to making quality wine available to everyone.

He often said that consumers deserved low-cost wine, including the Charles Shaw bottles sold through Trader Joe’s for $1.99. Fans dubbed the brand Two Buck Chuck soon after the 2002 launch.

Franzia always believed that people should be able to enjoy good wine without spending a lot of money.

His legacy will continue to provide affordable, quality wine to people all over the country. Thank you, Franzia, for your dedication to making wine accessible to all.

How did Franzia die?

The Bronco Wine Company announced the death of Franzia on Instagram. Franzia was one of the company’s founders, along with his brother Joseph and cousin John. The company produces wines that are high in quality but low in cost.

For example, their Charles Shaw wines sell for only $1.99 per bottle. Franzia was a driving force behind the company’s success, and his death was a great loss. The company has not yet announced who will take over Franzia’s role, but they have stated that they will continue to produce high-quality wines at an affordable price. Consumers can expect to see the same great values from Bronco Wine Company in the future.

What was the cause of his death?

Franzia died at his home in Denair, California. His exact cause of death is unknown yet. The family-owned business said in a statement that Franzia’s “entrepreneurial spirit, tireless dedication, and commitment to both his family and the Bronco family will forever be remembered.” Franzia was the patriarch of one of the largest wine companies in the world and was instrumental in making wine accessible to a wider audience.

Franzia was also known for his innovative packaging, including introducing box wines in the 1970s. He is survived by his wife, children, and grandchildren.

Early life and career

Fred Franzia is best known for his role in the development of boxed wine. Born into a family of winemakers in 1943, Franzia grew up around the Franzia Brothers Winery. In 1973, his family sold the brand to Coca-Cola, causing a rift between Franzia and his father.

The Franzia name is now most closely associated with boxed wine, but the brand has no remaining relationship with Fred Franzia or the Bronco Wine Company. In an interview with the New Yorker in 2009, Franzia spoke about his strained relationship with his father after selling the family business, saying,

“My dad, he was not a fighter. He just folded. And he and I went through a period of no communication for five years. I just was pissed.”

Today, Franzia remains an active member of the wine industry, and his Bronco Wine Company is one of the largest privately-held wine companies in the United States.

Tribute to Franzia’s death

One wrote : It is with much sadness that today we saw the passing of one of the true visionaries of our wine industry- Fred Franzia. My heartfelt condolences go out to his entire family.I will miss his wisdom and always entertaining company. Rest in peace Fred 🙏🏻🕊Bronco Wine Company