Fraser High School Stabbing; Lockdown Imposed One Student Dead and Another Critically Injured

At least one student died while another one is critically injured after a stabbing incident took place in a Fraser neighborhood, nearby a high school and a middle school. The police is carrying investigative activites in the area as a lockdown has been imposed at the institutes.

The horrifying event happened afternoon on Tuesday, September 13, 2022. Fraser Public Schools revealed that the lock down was place around 4:45 PM and the police gave the “all clear” alert around 5:15 PM.

Fraser High School Stabbing: What happened?

Fraser Police were called to the area of Garfield and Klein Roads, near Richards Middle School after a student was stabbed to death while another one was left critically injured.

Unconfirmed reports making rounds on social media claim that at least two teen were involved in a fight after school which led to a stabbing. However, it’s unknown if the police have narrowed down on a suspect and if any arrests were made.

“We know social media can be challenging to monitor and process. I encourage you to be aware of what your child sees on social media and in our community. I encourage you to talk with your child and make sure they are receiving accurate information,” the school said in a statement.

School officials also state that they are cooperating with police in the investigation. “The safety of our students, staff and community is our top priority,” the statement added.

Lockdown Imposed on Fraser High School & Richard Middle School

Fraser school officials were advised to place the high school and middle school on lockdown due to a police matter as per the noice sent home to parents of the students.

“They asked us to lockdown the building as a precautionary matter,” said Kristin Ledford, the district’s community relations director. “Whatever happened did not happen on our campus.”

Neighbors confirmed to local media outlet that there have been a heavy police presence in the area. Police officers stated that they would be busy investigating the incident and events at the school will take place at later dates.

Both Faser High School and Richard Middle School will be open on Wednesday. Counselors and social workers will be available to meet with anyone who needs to talk while the police will also guard the area.

Police confirmed 1 Student died in Fraser High School Stabbing

Fraser Department of Public Safety didn’t reveal details about the stabbing that took place near the high school. An officer mentioned that no information would likely be release till Wednesday. The police only confirmed that the incident didn’t happen on the school campus.

However, a district official confirmed that one student was dead in the stabbing while another one is admitted at a Metro Detroit hospital in critical condition.

More details about the horrifying event will be available soon. Make sure you stay tuned. We’ll keep you updated on further developments.