Forza Horizon 5 Treasure Hunt Double Up 200 Miniature Painter Hats

Thursday has arrived, and we all know what it means. That’s true, players can now take on new Forza 5 challenges. This time around, a Treasure Hunt called “Double Up” has many gamers perplexed and unsure of what they need to do in order to finish it. “Special Offer! “, says the Treasure Clue in question. Get 200 miniature painter caps for your Gremlins when you buy a new upgrade!” So, what exactly does this indicate? To get the answer to this mystery, read our Forza 5 Double Up Treasure Hunt, 200 Miniature Painter Hats guide.

Forza 5 Double Up Treasure Hunt, 200 miniature painter hats

Forza Horizon 5: Double Up Treasure Hunt 200 Miniature Painter Hats For Your Gremlins

You must first obtain the AMC Gremlin X 1973 in order to complete this Treasure, Hunt. Go out and get this model car if you don’t already have one. It costs 35,000 CR to purchase, thus it isn’t a major outlay. The clue’s reference to “200 miniature painter hats” alludes to the abbreviation for this phrase. This means that in this model car, you must reach a top speed of 200 mph (322 km/h). Get in this vehicle and drive to the motorway. You’ll need a great straight line to allow you to reach that speed. The automobile is a little tricky to operate, but if you travel in a straight line at peak speed, you should be able to exceed 200 miles per hour.

get to 200 mph in the AMC Gremlin X 1973
Get to 200 mph in the AMC Gremlin X 1973.
treasure chest location
Treasure Chest location.
the treasure chest is in the tunnel in Guanajuato
The Treasure Chest is in the tunnel in Guanajuato.

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The Treasure Challenge component will be completed once you’ve completed that. Guanajuato is the location of the Treasure Chest. There’s a trip there. It’s in the town’s tunnel, and you’ll notice it if you’ve gotten there quickly. You’ll finish the Double Up Treasure Hunt if you put your mind to it. Not to mention, you will also get your reward: the Painter Hoodie amazing outfit.