Forrest Lewis found dead:How did he die? Cause of death Explored

Forrest Lewis, a former resident of Durant, was discovered dead after being reported missing in Aubrey, Texas, during Thanksgiving dinner.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, a resident discovered Lewis’ black Mercedes on Tuesday on private property at FM 2931, three miles southeast of Aubrey.

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How did Forrest Lewis die?

Former Durant resident Forrest Lewis, last seen in Aubrey, Texas, after Thanksgiving dinner, has recently been discovered dead. His body was found today after he was reported missing last week.

According to reports, Lewis was last seen sporting a brown long-sleeve shirt, grey sweatpants, and a pair of Nike sneakers. Lewis’ fiancee told his sister on Thursday that she didn’t know where he was when he drove off and went missing.

What was his cause of death

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Lewis’ black Mercedes was found Tuesday on privately held property close to FM 2931, three miles southeast of Aubrey. Trooper C. Henderson testified in writing that the vehicle was travelling south “at high rate of speed” when it overturned, collided with some dense brush, and crashed.

Henderson said that the investigation into Lewis’ death is still ongoing. Everyone shared their sorrow and loss after learning of Lewis’s passing by remembering him and sharing tributes and condolences on social media:

I’d come to you today with a sorrowful heart,” the speaker stated. Forrest has been found and is now asleep in paradise. Here, nothing more than a terrible accident took place. Please offer his loved ones your prayers and love. Even if these goodbyes are only temporary, they are still difficult. He will reappear.

Oh, I’m going to miss him,” said Lakendra, Forrest’s aunt. I will always be grateful for the last four months. I’ve spent at least two to three Sundays a month with him. Forrest always saw me as the nosy aunt and the troublemaker, but all I wanted to do was make sure he was ok. Your laughter and jokes will be missed. I keep being reminded by Kendra to bring you some lotion. She undoubtedly gave you a warm welcome. I will always love you.


Police are undertaking an additional investigation to identify the primary cause of the departure of this great soul to ease the public’s worries and inquiries.

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