Former Boxing World Champion Johnny Famechon Dies at 77: Cause of Death Explained

Johnny Famechon, the renowned boxing legend and former world champion, died in Melbourne after battling a lengthy illness. His death was announced by the  Sport Australia Hall of Fame on Thursday. Find out how did Johnny Famechon die and the cause of death in this post.

Former Boxing World Champion Johnny Famechon Dies at 77

Johnny Famechon was one of the most popular Australian boxers of all time,” said John Bertrand, the Sport Australia Hall of Fame chairman.

Johnny was our humble, skillful world champion, showing the essence of how we see our heroes. He was described as poetry in motion, a master craftsman,” he added.

The late Australian boxer’s most memorable world title victor was his WBC points decision win against Cuban Jose Legra at London’s Albert Hall in 1969. The legendary featherweight boxer was active for over 20 years and had a record of 56 wins (20 by knockout, 6 draws, & 5 losses).

How did Johnny Famechon die?

Australian boxing legend Johnny Famechon passed away in Melbourne after suffering from a lengthy illness. He was 77 years old at the time of his death. The unfortunate news was announced by the Sport Australia Hall of Fame on August 4, 2022.

Famechon was struck by a car while jogging in 1991 in Sydney. This caused him to suffer a stroke and led to an acquired brain injury consecutively. He had been struggling with the problem ever since and getting treatment for the same.

Former Boxing World Champion Johnny Famechon Dies at 77

However, as the years passed, his condition continued to worsen and the legendary featherweight boxer took his final breath at the starting of August 2022. The world will forever remember him for his achievements in the squared circle.

What was the cause of Johnny Famechon’s death?

Johnny Famechon was a tough man who survived a stroke and a coma after getting hit by a car while jogging in 1991. He woke up 10 days after he was hit but then acquired a brain injury. He continued to battle this injury just like he never backed out from any opponent in the ring.

He continued to live his “wonderful life” while getting treated for the injury. His wife Glenys said in a statement, “He had been to a sporting event at Warwick Farm and was on his way back to his hotel when the car hit him.”

Former Boxing World Champion Johnny Famechon Dies at 77

Ultimately, his body couldn’t keep up and the lengthy brain injury and illness he was suffering from became the eventual cause of his demise. His medical reports have confirmed his longtime illness as the cause of death.

Was Johnny Famechon recovering from the illness?

Johnny Famechon suffered severe brain damage and a stroke after a car struck him in 1991. He was in a coma for 10 days and also got paralyzed on the left side. The doctors confirmed that he will never be able to walk again and left Famechon and his wife crying.

It was like being a young child again,” said Johnny’s wife Glenys Famechon once in a statement. After that, the couple met a Goju Karate expert named Ragnar Purje in 1993. He was astounded by how articulate Johnny was in their first meeting.

Purje then started working to help Johnny recover from the illness with his outlandish theories. He realized that only movement can help Famechon get better and he moved in the right direction. Glenys soon noticed a noticeable change in Johnny’s behavior.

Former Boxing World Champion Johnny Famechon Dies at 77

John’s mind was simply firing,” she said in a statement. Pujre managed to get Johnny to have the power to bring his chin up again. He also started speaking very softly with his chin resting on his chest. Pujre believed Johnny’s remarkable recovery was a result of his self-discipline.

Johnny continued to put in a lot of effort alongside years of exercise therapy. Glenys never left Johnny’s side and continued to support him. She called his recovery “miraculous.”

Johnny Famechon had a Decorated Boxing Career

Johnny Famechon was born on March 28, 2022, as Jean-Pierre Famechon in Paris, France. He moved with his family to Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia, in 1950. He went to the Essendon Technical School and met his first wife Elise and they married at St. Bbrigin’s Church in 1970.

Famechon’s first major win came over Less Dunn to become Victorian Featherweight champion in 1964, and then he became the Commonwealth Featherweight champion in 1967 after taking down Scot John O’Brien.

Former Boxing World Champion Johnny Famechon Dies at 77

His most remarkable victory came against Cuban Jose Legra at London’s Albert Hall in 1969 when he became the Lineal and WBC featherweight champion. He defended the world title against Masahiko Harada (also called Fighting Harada) six months after beating Legra.

In a rematch for the title, Famechon knocked out the dangerous Harada in the 14th round in Tokyo. In May 1970, Famechon lost his title to Mexican boxer Vicente Saldivar in Rome. At the age of 24, he retired from boxing.

Johnny Famechon5

Over the glorious course of his career, he developed a reputation for being a skilled boxer whose strength was his defense. Famechon never fought as an amateur and was trained by Ambrose Palmer. He wrote his biography with his friend Frank Quill in 1971.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the departed soul. May God let the fighter rest in peace and offer strength to his family and friends in the tough times.

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