Fetus & Cancer Cells. 2 Things You Don’t Want To Hear Involved With Lab Grown Meat.

Lab Grown Meat: A shocking claim regarding the security of a meat substitute associated with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is made in an article published on the website News Punch on February 21.

“Study: Bill Gates’ Lab-Grown Meat Causes Cancer in Humans,” the headline proclaims.

Cancer Cells Involved With Lab Grown Meat.

According to Crowd Tangle, a social media analytics tool, the item was shared on Facebook more than 1,000 times in a single week.

Despite the fact that Gates has invested in a firm that produces lab-grown meat, the article misrepresents the results of several studies that concern a plant-based beef replacement. Experts claim that there is no proof that meat produced in laboratories causes cancer.

The Facts About The Cancer Cells.

Cancer Cells Drawing

Despite the fact that Gates has invested in the fledgling lab-grown meat company Upside Foods, the News Punch piece offers no proof that the company’s meat causes cancer.

Instead, the report cites a number of research projects funded by Impossible Foods that seem to support the safety of a component used in the company’s plant-based meat. Gates supports the business as well, but it produces plant-based meat rather than lab-grown meat.

They say the cancer cells used in the making of the meat products don’t cause cancer but it’s still cancer cells…

In November 2022, Upside Foods became the first business to receive FDA approval to market lab-grown meat in the United States. The Department of Agriculture, which also has regulatory responsibilities for meat from farms, has not yet given its permission.

Lab-grown meat, commonly referred to as cultivated meat, is produced by growing animal cell-derived tissue. According to Lucas Smith, an assistant professor in the College of Biological Sciences and School of Medicine at the University of California-Davis, there is no proof that it causes cancer even though it is not yet distributed in the United States.

Although it is legally feasible to classify lab-produced meat as pre-cancerous, Smith claimed that even if the meat contained cancer, it would still be “virtually impossible” to get the disease by eating an animal.

Cultivated Meat: Healthy Side Of Questions Is Right! You can call it whatever you want but I won’t eat it…

Mother Cow Fetus Used In Lab-Grown Meat

calf nursing

According to a study, lab-grown meat cannot be consumed by vegetarians since it requires blood drawn from fetal calves during the killing procedure.

This synthetic meat substitute is developed cell by cell in huge tanks as opposed to inside the bodies of living mammals.

Vegetarians and environmentalists have praised it for not requiring water-intensive, methane-producing farming methods.

However, a story in Mother Jones claims that this isn’t the utopian answer that it might first appear to be because the procedure calls for blood from the slaughterhouse.

Fetal bovine serum (FBS) is unethical and extremely expensive; according to one research, lab-grown beef would need to bring in $200,000 per pound to cover its costs at a price of $1,000 per liter.

Although there is a substitute for the blood taken from a recently butchered pregnant cow, it is pricey and not widely accessible. Major biotech developments would be needed to make it to that stage, according to experts.

Despite this, investors, including Leonardo DiCaprio, are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the sector. Information In This Article Has Been Fact Checked By USA TODAY.

What Are Those On Social Media Saying

Facebook Comments

‘Lab-Grown Meat’ the name may suit now as it is in research phase once up scaled and production ready it will be ‘Industrially cultured Meat’. This is indeed future and more people will start eating meat if it is cultured organically in broth & media.

Agatha Black

How about people just don’t eat meat and fish as much! This is just finding a very weird way for humans to stay greedy!! And gross, I definitely would not eat meat or fish that has been grown in a lab I’d rather be a vegetarian! 🤢🤢🤢 I completely agree with cutting down on greenhouse gasses and fishing the seas a lot less, but I think governments need to enforce cutting down the amount of animals that can be reared (especially for human consumption) and majorly cut back on fishermen trawling the seas. This is something that is completely within our control, as is what we eat.

Laura Cook

Unfortunately this is very possible if we, humans continue to overdo our activities to keep ourselves alive at expenses of other God’s creations.

Stephen Ong

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