El Primo de Jincho Died in a Accident? Explained

El Primo de Jincho Died in a Accident

El Primo de Jincho Died in a Accident: Exclusive information claims that the deceased took his last breath at the time tragedy struck. According to internet reports, El Primo de Jincho, a Puerto Rican influencer, has died, he was testing his new Yamaha Raptor 700 when he hit a bus in Philadelphia on a four-track road. He was not able to get out of the raptor as he was strapped in by a seatbelt during the collision.

Even so, there are a few statements from witnesses to the disaster that have been released. These statements have provided all the details about the severity of the accident. They were a bit agitated and dialed the number to get the right authority to investigate the situation.

Influencer El Primo de Jincho Died in a Accident video

According to reports, the responsible authority arrived on the scene of the crime and began investigating the case as soon as they received the call. The circumstances were severe enough that the victims suffered serious injuries.


The police initially informed his family about the incident so they could travel to crime scene. The horrific conditions in which he was held inside the car required that the police make an enormous effort to rescue him.

El Primo de Jincho Died in a Accident

Once his admirers and fans learn the news, outpourings of emotion begin. Everyone pays tribute to him while also grieving.

They are sharing their deepest sorrows with their family because no one wants to lose a loved one. This is so they can continue to bear the pain of such a tragic loss. We have provided this information because there is nothing more devastating than losing a family member. If additional information becomes available, we will provide an update.

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