How did Choreographer Doug Mattis die ? Know Everything About His Cause Of Death And Obituary

On Thursday, February 9th, the figure skating world lost a beloved pioneer. Doug Mattis, a 56-year-old master PSA rated choreographer and athlete passed away. He was a beloved member of the figure skating community, known for his artistry on the ice and his groundbreaking work to bring visibility to LGBTQ+ athletes. Keep reading more.

Who was Doug Mattis?

During his 26-year career in figure skating, Doug achieved numerous accolades. He was part of the United States International Figure Skating Team and won the U.S Open and American Open seven times. In 1994 he revealed his sexual orientation to the figure skating community by skating two exhibition pieces at the Gay Games in New York City. He made history as one of the first openly gay athletes in figure skating and used his platform to normalize LGBTQ+ visibility in this highly competitive sport. 

Doug’s work didn’t stop there – he also hosted several seminars on choreography for coaches all over North America, wrote articles for national magazines, created programs for charity events, and produced shows. His passion for writing never stopped – during his last years he wrote short stories under a pseudonym that were soon to be published posthumously. 

He was also an esteemed coach who helped many athletes reach their dreams on the ice. He taught them not only how to perform but also how to be strong advocates of their own artistry through movement on ice like him. He always pushed athletes to challenge themselves while staying true to themselves at the same time — something that will be remembered by those whose lives he touched throughout his journey in figure skating. 

How did Doug Mattis die? What was the cause of his death?

On Thursday, February 9th, the figure skating community mourned the loss of pioneer and beloved member Doug Mattis. A 56-year-old PSA rated master choreographer and athlete, Doug is known for his artistry on ice and his remarkable commitment to bringing visibility to LGBTQ+ athletes. What caused this devastating loss is yet unknown, but reports state that the skater was ill with a chronic condition before his passing. He will be greatly missed by the entire figure skating community yet remembered through his significant efforts toward inclusivity.

Tributes Pour To Doug Mattis Death

Doug Mattis Obituary 

The passing away of Doug Mattis is heartbreaking news for all people in the figure skating community and beyond who knew him or even just admired him from afar as an icon of both LGBTQ+ representation and excellence in sportsmanship on ice alike. No further information has been released about services for Mr Mattis yet; however it is clear that honoring such an inspirational individual will no doubt be filled with heartfelt tributes from those who knew him well or were affected by his legacy in some way or another . Rest In Peace Mr Mattis – you will be dearly missed but your memory will live on forever!