DJ Franco ‘Mello FM’ Passed Away, Cause Of Death And Obituary

Jamaica’s well-known broadcaster, radio personality and ex-policeman, DJ Franco, passed away on Monday, January 23rd. His given name was Courtney Francis and his death was confirmed by MelloFm. He was a member of the Mello FM team who had been assigned to the Savanna-la-Mar Police Station as a detective corporal.

He was an experienced broadcaster and he trained some of Jamaica’s most prominent broadcasters. He will be remembered for his big heart and his favorite expression “Oh Jesus”. Let’s take a moment to remember the life and legacy of DJ Franco and learn more details about his passing.

Who was DJ Franco?

Franco had an extensive career in broadcasting and media before joining MelloFm in 2016. He was trained by some of the best broadcasters in Jamaica such as Bob Clarke and Barry G. He then went on to work for various radio stations such as RJR 94FM, KLAS Sports Radio 89FM, LOVE 101FM, HITZ 92FM and HOT102FM. During this time he interviewed famous dancehall artists like Sizzla Kalonji, Bounty Killer, Shabba Ranks, Beenie Man, Capleton and many more. He also did live concerts with these artists throughout Jamaica which were attended by large crowds around the island nation.

How did DJ Franco die? What was the cause of his death

The sad news of the death of acclaimed Jamaican DJ, Franco, was confirmed by MelloFM on Monday, January 23, 2023. What makes this incident even more tragic is the fact that it was his family who found him when he had passed away at his home. Details about the cause of Franco’s demise are yet to be disclosed. As we keep a close eye for more information about his untimely death and its circumstances, stay with us to remain informed as we cover all exclusive updates on this unfortunate event.

In addition to being a talented broadcaster, he served as a Detective Corporal at the Savanna-la-Mar police station before retiring from law enforcement to focus on his broadcasting career full time with MelloFm. As a father of four children he also ran his own business called “Dj Franco Productions” where he produced music for upcoming Jamaican music artists such as Turbulence and Voicemail. It is clear that DJ Franco had many passions in life that kept him busy until his passing this week.

DJ Franco Obituary

DJ Franco will be remembered by many across Jamaica for his big heart, contagious smile, legendary voice on airwaves and passion for helping others succeed in music or any other business venture they were pursuing at that time . Everyone who knew him remembers him fondly for always having an uplifting attitude towards life even when times were tough or things weren’t going as planned . Even though he has passed away , his legacy will live on through those who continue to remember him every day . It is truly sad news that we have lost such an amazing person so suddenly but fortunately we can still listen to some of his mixes on MELLO OVERDOSE as well as check out some of the productions from Dj Franco Productions !

Tributes Pour To DJ Franco Death

Rosey Bee
OMG!!! This is indeed a shocker! Courtney “DJ FRANCO” Francis you just retired from JCF! MELLO FM DJ out of JA and most recently Timeless Gospel Radio NY will surely miss you.My Bro this shake every nerve right now. RIP Bro, condolences to your family and friends. The music fraternity is in mourning, you will be truly missed. Just as we were getting started and settling in a new place. Smh!

Don Reid
The media fraternity has lost a selfless, real and pure gem. Driving into Kgn and browsing the net in traffic when I saw the shocking Obeserver headline “DJ Franco Found Dead at Home”. As a new artiste in 2018 releasing my first song “Hospital Food” DJ Franco from Mello FM was the first Radio Broadcaster to give it regular and frequent airplay. He didn’t stop there. Every new release after, he wanted to be the first to air them. He would regularly call “Father Reid, make sure anything new mi get it first enuh”. I would respond “Kool Franco” and he would say “No…Mello”…in reference to the rivalry between Kool FM and Mello FM. He was also instrumental in recommending me for the Mello Road Tour across the country which gave me the opportunity to showcase my music and talent live in major towns across the country.
In the vicious music industry, he was certainly a breath of fresh air…a great encourager of new talent who made it worth the journey.
Sleep on in peace my DJ Courtney Franco Francis🕊

Raymond Chambers
RIP to👈👀👇 DJ Franco of Mell of FM

Janice Black
May his soul RIP. Always the good ones gone too soon.

Nova Mcintosh
Wow this is a shocker, since the start of the year i was wondering why am i not hearing from him. My sincere condolences to his family immediate and otherwise sleep in peace DJ Franko


Who was DJ Franco?
He is Popular Jamaican radio jockey DJ Franco. He worked for various radio stations such as RJR 94FM, KLAS Sports Radio 89FM, LOVE 101FM, HITZ 92FM and HOT102FM.

When did DJ Franco die?
Jamaica’s well-known broadcaster, radio personality and ex-policeman, DJ Franco, passed away on Monday, January 23rd, 2023. He was found dead in his house.