9 thoughts on “Get Ready for Disney Magic: Master the Disneyplus.com Login/Begin in 3 Easy Steps!”

  1. I have Disney + on to of my tv I am trying to put it on my bedroom tv it is asking me to put in a 8 digit code how can I put it on my tv it’s all ready paid up for a year need help

  2. Disney+ is garbage. They have took £210 so far and i still cant watch anything. Avoid like the plague

  3. I was charged a fee or 46.00 for “tech support” and only got more useless info that hasn’t solved the problem. However I did authorize a fee of 1.00. So what are these other charges for if my problem isn’t solved………….

  4. I am disappointed in Disney+. I went to work in my office and can’t get the link for disneyplus.com/begin to work so I can activate my account on my tv. I tried the link on my cellphone as well. Very frustrating when it could be a day to catch on the Mandalorian seasons 1-2 before the 3rd season comes out.
    Get it together Disney. Really disappointed.

    • I can’t get it on my tv I went to the link and couldn’t find were to put the code

  5. Why the heck can’t I get log in fixed!! I can’t get the link with my TV code to even work

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