Did Chris Chan Really Escape the Prison or Courtroom? Memes Take Over the Internet

On Sunday, rumors of Sonichu creator Chris Chan escaping the prison or the courtroom minutes before his trial surfaced on the web and netizens didn’t leave the opportunity to make and share hilarious memes around it. Read on to know more.

Chris Chan was arrested in August 2021 after allegations were made that she was having incest sex with her 79-year-old dementia-ridden mother. The cops arrested the YouTuber in Richmond, Virginia, and the entire incident was streamed live on YouTube.

Chan was held without bail and her case was later approved for Grand Jury. She was finally about to take the stand and fight against the accusations. However, reports have emerged that she escaped law enforcement via a toilet.

How did Chris Chan escape the Prison/ Courtroom?

“Chris Chan” was trending on Twitter this Sunday after rumors that she escaped the prison or the courtroom surfaced and also reported that she had been missing. On August 28, 2022, Twitter user @ibismojo72 shared a video on the platform with the caption “CHRIS CHAN HAS ESCAPED.”

The clip revealed that Chan climbed out of the bathroom window five minutes before the trial. It further revealed that she had been missing for five hours when the video was posted, and the search was underway to bring her back.

At the time of writing, the tweet has over 31.1k likes and amassed 381.8k views. The tweet has gone viral and reached other social media platforms including Reddit. Users have been discussing if Chris Chan escaped prison and if she did, how did it happen?

It’s worth noting that legitimate details about Chris Chan’s court appearance were not made public at this moment. Netizens may have jumped on fake rumors and started making memes around the topic without any verification.

Are the rumors about Chris Chan escaping the prison true?

No, the rumors about Chris Chan escaping the prison are likely false as there isn’t a source or evidence confirming it. It may only be a prank that Twitter users fell for and started the meme trend.

Chris Chan’s trial was set for August 24, 2022. However, no details emerged on the web revealing what had happened. Hence, some cunning users started spreading fake reports that Chan escaped prison and a trial couldn’t take place.


As the rumor suggests that Chris Chan escaped after climbing through the toilet window, it seems absurdly unlikely to be true. Chris Chan is suffering from obesity and it’s not possible for her to perform acts like that and run so fast that the police could catch her.

Best Memes around the Chris Chan Prison Escape Trend

Chris Chan’s prison escape has turned into a meme trend ever since the unconfirmed reports emerged. The escape siren sound was later added to the trend as users continue to share memes on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms.

Here is a compilation of some of the best memes around Chris Chan’s prison escape:


You can also share your favorite memes around the trend in the comments.

Chris Chan Incest Case: Why was she arrested?

Chris Chan was arrested after audio clips of her describing explicit details of herself with her mother Barbara, 79, went viral on social media. In an almost 10-minute clip, the YouTuber revealed having a physical relationship with her mother “every third night.”

Chan also went on to confirm that her mother was “partially confused” by the act itself and was getting used to Chan touching her.

Being involved in s*xual intercourse with one’s mother is considered to be a class 5 felony in Virginia. Virginia’s court can identify the alleged assault as the same. This may lead to Chris spending ten years in prison.

On August 1, 2021, Chris Chan was arrested at a hotel in Richmond. She was moved from the Henrico County Jail to the Central Virginia Jail days later. She was held without bail and didn’t have a court date yet.

Chris’s Mother, Barbara, was sent for a welfare check by the police and has been moved to a hospital. An Emergency Protective Order was issued and Chris was ordered not to visit her mother.

It remains unclear whether Chris Chan has been slapped with other legal charges as well. In February 2022, Chris Chan was set to a psychiatric hospital, Western State Hospital, in Staunton, Virginia.

It was found that the other person in the calls and texts that were used to accuse Chris was Isabella Loretta, 20, a college student, who had a history of using the Internet to blackmail people. Upon further search, it was revealed that the call was a part of a plan to blackmail Chris Chan to hurt or kill herself.

Chris Chan had a Difficult Early Life

Christine Weston Chandler, popularly known as her online name “Chris Chan,” was born in February 1982 to Robert and Barbara in Ruckersville, Virginia. He went to Manchester High School in Midlothian, Virginia.

Chris Chan was diagnosed with Autism in a survey done by a doctor at the University of Virginia Health System when he was five or six years old. In 2017, Chris Chan confirmed that she is “Transgender.”

Chris is best known for creating Sonichu, which is a mix of Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu. She made it for a high school project in 2000 and can always be seen wearing a Sonichu medallion around her neck online.

In 2004, Chris made her own Sonichu website where she started posting comics about the character. His work later attracted a lot of trolls who kept looking into her past and showered hate.

Chris’ father, Robert, died of heart failure in 2011. In 2014, an extension cord fire burned down her family’s home. A CBS 19 report confirmed that the fire started in a bathroom on the first floor around 3 AM.

Chris’ mother, Barbara, suffers from Dementia. Chan had to sell things and make sculptures, comics, and arts for fans to buy on Patreon, eBay, and Etsy for her survival. Her life has always kept getting worse due to trolls.