Dianne Hamulecki Dead: 70-Year-Old Deceased Identified in Norwich Township Crash

Dianne Hamulecki, 70-year-old woman from Norwich Townshap, died in a fatal two-vehicle crash this Sunday. The police have identified both the victim and the culprit of the tragic accident. Read on to know everything about the freak incident.

The police received reports about a horrifying crash in the County of Oxford on Sunday evening. Upon reaching there, they found two vehicles terribly destroyed due to a high-speed collision and several people crowded in the area.

Dianne Hamulecki Identified as the Deceased in Norwhich Township Crash

70-year old Dianne Hamulecki of Norwich Township, Oxford County, has been identified as the victim who passed in the tragic two vehicle collision that took place on Sunday, September 18, 2022. The unfortunate event took place around 6:35 PM local time as per the police.

The press release regarding the accident states that an SUV and a pickup truck collided at the intersection of Oxford Road 13 and Norwich Road, located in Norwich Township

The driver of the SUV, Dianne Hamulecki, was critically injured in the collision and was trasnported to a trauma hospital via Orange Air Ambulance. She was later pronounced dead at the medical facility.

Gertrude McCann Facing Multiple Charges in Norwich Township Crash

The driver of the pickup truck has been identified as 63-year-old woman Gertrude McCann of Salford. She was not injured in the collision where Hamulecki passed away.

After the investigation, McCann is facing the following charges:

•Dangerous operation causing death
•Operation while impaired causing death
•Operation while impaired – blood alcohol concentration (80 plus)

There were also reports of either of the drivers being under an influence. However, the police have discarded the rumors and called it just an unfortunate blunder.

The accused, Gertrude McCann will appear at the Ontario Court of Justice in Woodstock, Ontario in relation to the charges at a later date.

Who was Dianne Hamulecki?

Dianne Hamulecki, 70, was a resident of R. R. #1 Norwich Township, Rhode Island. She passed away unexpected in a two vehicle crash last week in Oxford County. She was born in 1952 to Maurice and Illa Schmidt.

Hamulecki was raised on a beef cattle farm in Tavistock after being born at Stratford General Hospital. She was highly intrigued with country living and developed a lifelong affection for animals. She had been married to Ted Hamulecki for 45 years.

The couple had four children, Paul, Julie, Mark, and Steven. Dianne had a degree in nursing and worked as a registered nurse for around 30 years. She mainly worked for the London Psychiatric Hospital.

She enjoyed being with her family, going on trips, and cooking in her spare time. That’s all we know about the much-loved old lady at the time of writing. Our heart goes out to her family in these tough times. May God let her soul rest in peace.