David Beador Files for Divorce From Wife Lesley Cook: Checkout the Reason Here

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star David Beador has filed for divorce from his wife Lesley Cook nearly two years after getting married. Read on to know why the reality TV stars are separating and what’s the reason for David Beador and Lesley Beador’s divorce.

The couple tied the knot in late 2020 and welcomed their 19-month-old daughter Anna Love Beador on February 5, 2021. According to the court paperwork, David is demanding shared physical and legal custody of their daughter.

David Beador files for Divorce from Lesley Beader After 2 Years of Marriagel

David Beador, the ex-husband of “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Shannon Beador, is splitting from his current wife, Lesley Beador. The couple got married on October 15, 2020, and share a 19-month-old daughter from their marriage.

David has filed for divorce from Lesley Beador and listed September 15, 2022, as their date of separation. The RHOC alum is asking for joint physical and legal custody of their daughter Anna Love Beador.

As for property, the pair split their time between Orange County, California, and Salt Lake City, Utah. They also have a home at the latter. However, “the full nature and extent of Petitioner’s separate property are to be determined at the time of trial or settlement,” as per the court documents.

“Given the very short-term marriage, there are nominal community property assets and debts. There is a Prenuptial Agreement effective Oct. 9, 2020, that controls.”

What is the reason for David Beador and Lesley Beador’s Divorce?

David Beador and Lesley Beador are going to be divorced and we know the reason. According to the court documents coming via People, David cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce from Lesley Beador.

More details will be available once the trial takes place. This news first came out via TMZ. They are currently trying to reach out to David and Lesley for further comments.

David Beador and Lesley Beador: Relationship Timeline Explored

David Beador, 57, and Lesley, 37, first went public with their relationship in January 2008. However, their romance had brewed a few months before that. David had split from Shannon, his ex-wife, just four months before that.

Lesley had two kids from a previous marriage when she started dating David. Despite being around 20 years younger than the RHOC alum, she documented much of their relationship on Instagram. She even posted a nude snap of her and David in November 2019.

After that, Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen talked about the lewd snap on the show and dubbed David as the “Jackhole of the Day” for the “worst thirst traps ever seen.”

David’s ex-wife Shannon also revealed that her kids were horrified at seeing their dad like this. The former couple was married for 17 years and shared three daughters together.

In January 2020, David and Lesley back making the headlines as they announced their engagement. The announcement came just nine months after David and Shannon reached a divorce settlement.

Lesley announced the news via Instagram showing off her new ring in a selfie where David was seen shirtless. She also posted another picture of her new fiancé and the diamond ring with the caption, “Looking forward to eternity with my love. I LOVE YOU LOVE!!!”

Alas! Her eternity didn’t last long.

By July 2020, the couple announced that they are expecting their first baby together. The news came out exclusively via People. During this time, Shannon tried repairing the bridge but Lesley reportedly reject the gift that she sent the couple. However, David later denied the claims.

In February 2021, David and Lesley welcomed their first daughter.

After 19 months, the couple has filed for divorce and will move on their separate paths.

We’ll update this story later with new developments.