Dana Alotaibi, a TikTok star, was killed, and her boyfriend Bryant Tejeda-Castillo was taken into custody.

A TikTok starlet named Dana Alotaibi, she was 13 weeks pregnant at the time of her death, was reportedly killed by Bryant Tejeda-Castillo on the side of a road in Honolulu during a violent argument.

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As a result of an altercation that took place on a roadway in Hawaii, an active-duty Marine is suspected of killing his pregnant wife, according to the Honolulu Police Department.

According to KITV4, Alotaibi had supposedly reached the third month of her pregnancy at the time of her death.

On July 20, it is alleged that witnesses saw a Marine named Bryant Tejeda-Castillo to stand over a woman named Dana Alotaibi, who was 27 and stab her. After that, the Marine ran into some nearby woods and stayed there.

After the horrific event, Alotaibi, originally from Virginia, was found to have passed away while being treated at a hospital in Hawaii. She is being accused of filming the allegedly violent relationship and uploading the videos to YouTube and other social media platforms where others could view them.

Bryant Tejeda-Castillo gets arrested for Dana Alotaibi’s murder.

On the side of a public highway in Honolulu, Hawaii, witnesses reportedly tried to stop a United States Marine named Bryant Tejada-Castillo from killing his pregnant wife, Dana Alotaibi, 27, by stabbing her multiple times. Dana Alotaibi was 27 years old at the time of the incident.

Dana had reached the 13th week of her pregnancy when she passed away from multiple stab wounds to the neck. As Tejeda-Castillo looked to flee into the bushes, there were witnesses who tried to help Alotaibi and intervened on his behalf.

It is said that the two engaged in a fight before the incident, which resulted in Tejeda-Castillo, age 29, is accused of repeatedly stabbing Alotaibi, age 27, during the incident.

Natalia Cespedes, Alotaibi’s mother, told Hawaii News Now that Tejeda-Castillo had abused her daughter while he was stationed on the island of Oahu.

Explanation of the Charges Leveled Against Bryant Tejeda-Castillo

Marine Bryant Tejeda-Castillo, who was stationed in Kaneohe, Hawaii, has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of his pregnant wife, Dana Alotaibi. The charges stem from Dana being found dead in their home, and it is believed that he stabbed himself to death and left his body on the major road in Honolulu.

It is distressing but not surprising that the Marines rejected Dana Alotaibi’s complaints of being assaulted by other individuals. The institutionalization of violence is the primary objective of the military’s policy. To ensure the safety of the people living in Hawaii and the territory itself, we will need to demilitarise this area. #DomesticViolence

During a news conference, Deena Thoemmes, a murder lieutenant with the criminal investigation division of the Honolulu Police Department, stated that witnesses “observed a male standing over a female, stabbing her multiple times.” This statement was made about the terrible event on Wednesday.

information regarding Dana Alotaibi’s family and her husband’s life in Hawaii

When the suspect, in this case, filed for divorce in November, Dana Alotaibi and Bryant Tejeda-Castillo had been married for more than three years, as evidenced by the records filed in the court. According to KITV News’s reporting, the judge granted the divorce in June and finalized the separation.

Alotaibi is accused of using social media to discuss her challenging marriage’s ups and downs, including happy and sad moments. She was given medical assistance in an emergency before passing away at a hospital in the area due to her injuries.

According to comments made by Natalia Cespedes to KITV, preparations were made for Alotaibi to move back to Virginia . Alotaibi’s mother still lives there, and Alotaibi had high hopes that she would be able to “construct her life” and raise her child there.

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