Coolio Feature on ‘FUTURAMA’ Recorded New Dialogue Before His Death

Rapper Coolio recorded new dialogue and a song for the animated TV series Futurama before his death, show creators have revealed.

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Executive producer David X. Cohen said the star looked and sounded great when he visited the show’s studios in Los Angeles just weeks before his death.

Coolio played Kwanzaa-bot in a handful of episodes of the show, which is set in the future, and had previously appeared as Santa Claus Robot and Chanukah Zombie.

Cohen said the team was now looking for a way to give the rapper a “proper send-off” in an episode of the show’s upcoming season.

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“We were really happy with how he sounded and looked,” Cohen said of Coolio’s recording session. “He was energetic and seemed healthy.”

The rapper’s cause of death has been found dead because of cardiac arrest on 28 September 2022.