Colin Cole dead at 66 – How did Colin Cole die? Cause of death explored ?

On Tuesday 6th of December 2022, the internet was abuzz with heartbreaking news – beloved Australian stand-up comedian Colin Cole had passed away. His fans and friends around the world were devastated to hear of his passing, as he had left behind a huge legacy in entertainment that will never be forgotten.

How did Colin cole die?

Australian comedian Colin Cole, who was well-known for his 6ft 7in frame and regular appearances on the UK stand-up circuit, passed away on Tuesday 6th December 2022 at the age of 66.

‘Dools’ Doolieman, who promotes gigs in Western Australia, paid tribute to him on Facebook saying that not only was he a great act but also an incredibly funny companion while they were on tour together.

What was his cause of death ?

The cause of Colin’s death is still largely unknown, however what’s abundantly clear is that his long-standing presence in the comedy industry won’t go unnoticed. At 6 feet 7 inches tall and delivering entertainingly high-energy performances, there is no doubt he was one of the most talked-about figures in Australian comedy. There was never a dull moment at one of his shows; he was known for always keeping the laughs coming with his quick-paced comedic delivery, tackling subjects from pop culture observations to current social events. His absence will be greatly felt within the community.

Colin Cole, a well-respected figure in the community, will be deeply missed by many. His family had just announced that his obituary will soon be released in order to commemorate his life and all he has achieved.

Who was Colin Cole ?

Colin Cole is a talented and multi-faceted actor and comedian in the entertainment industry. His impressive credits read like a “guide to Australian Television”, featuring some of the most successful programs such as the iconic Hey Hey, The Max Gillies Show, and Bingles.

Though he is applauded for his versatility, what stands out about Colin is his comedic ability to adapt and take on different roles with ease. His quick wit and sharp timing have always earned him immense admiration from fans over the years

Colin Cole is one of the most recognizable figures in Australia’s stand-up comedy scene.

He has made televised appearances on numerous well-liked television shows, such as Hey Hey It’s Saturday, The Max Gillies Show, and Bingles. His potential was immense, and he will be greatly missed by many. He achieved great success touring through the United States, Canada, and Hawaii and has since begun to establish himself in the United Kingdom.

His talents were recognized with the award for Australian Comedian of the Year – a tremendous honor that solidified his status in comedy both domestically and abroad. His considerable experience performing around the world additionally adds depth to his impressive resumé; he has performed across three different continents, Europe being one of them! There is no doubt that Colin Cole will be fondly remembered by all who had been fortunate enough to experience his comedic genius live or on screen.

Tribute pour to colin cole death

Phil wrote

Devastated to hear the news about Big Colin Cole. I toured with Colin in Afghanistan, we did the jongleurs gigs, cruises, the Sensatori gigs etc. My abiding memory from that Afghanistan tour was when a tiny Gurka soldier came over to us after one of the shows and politely asked “Can I please have my picture taken with your giant?” I couldn’t stop laughing for ages, as if he was our giant that we kept captive. Well he was a giant not only physically but a caring gentle soul. Rest well my ole mate. Xx

Another wrote

Sorry to hear that he was a lovely guy used to love when he was on the line up at Jongleurs
R.I.P Colin

Another wrote

So very sad 😞
I remember working with Colin on the night my twins were born In Portsmouth.
Such a nice man a great comic too… Gutted 😞
RIP ❤️

One Wrote

Was with Colin Friday just gone, asked if he would like a drink he replied a Whiskey Shandy bless him, gonna miss ya Big Col xxx