What Happened to Cindy Testerman? Real Story Behind ID’s Murder Tapes Revealed

Cindy Testerman and her neighbor Judy Slebzak were brutally murdered four years ago. The story of their deaths was covered in Investigation Discovery’s Murder Tapes. Read on to learn what happened to Cindy Testerman and Judy Slebzak and where is Ryan McGuire now.

The Murder Taps: Two Neighbors premiered in 2019 and follows the account of the ruthless murders of neighbors Cindy Testerman and Judy Slebzak. The case was widely publicized after the launch of the documentary and termed one of the coldest-blooded murders.

What Happened to Cindy Testerman and Judy Slebzak?

Cindy Testerman, 61, was a Baltimore resident who was found unconscious in a pool of blood in the kitchen of her Rosedale house in 2018. The police were called by the neighbors when they didn’t see her for some time and noticed no activity at her house.

The police commence the investigation into her death and figured out the cause of Cindy Testerman’s death as “homicide by trauma inflicted by an edged weapon.”

Cindy Testerman’s neighbor, Judy Slebzak, who lived in a house just across the street was also found dead. Her body was found dumped into a cedar chest while police were investigating the death of Testerman and searching the suspect’s house.

Shockingly, Judy Slebzak was the stepmother of the killer of both Slebzak and Cindy Testerman.

Who was Cindy Testerman?

Cindy Berdina Testerman was a resident of Baltimore, Maryland. The 61-year-old woman lived at her Rosedale residence where she was loved by the neighbors. The people who lived around her described her as a kind-hearted woman who was a venerated member of the community.

They revealed that Testerman used to spend a lot of time at the local craft stores and volunteering at a local senior center. She also loved art and gardening. “If her neighbors needed anything, she would always be there,” recounted her friend, Louann Fiebel.

Who Killed Cindy Testerman and Judy Slebzak?

Cindy Testerman and Judy Slebzak were killed by Slebzak’s stepson Ryan Michael McGuire, 32, who was a drug addict. The police used the security cam footage from Testerman’s house to define McGuire as a suspect and later found Slebzak’s body in the house he was living.

McGuire was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and was initially held without bail. It was revealed that Ryan McGuire killed his stepmother Judy Slebzak first and was using her vehicle and selling her belongings to buy drugs.

He later killed his neighbor Cindy Testerman, who lived just across the street but couldn’t dump her body like he did with Judy’s corpse. This led to the police launching an investigation and the detectives soon figured out the suspect.

Why was Cindy Testerman killed?

Cindy Testerman was reportedly killed for being a “nosy” neighbor. Ryan McGuire killed her as he suspected that Cindy had speculated that something was wrong with Judy and her recent disappearance.

McGuire knew that Cindy would call the police and he went to confront her. Eventually, he killed Cindy Testerman using a knife. An account of the case is shown on Investigation Discovery’s documentary- Murder Tapes.

Where is Ryan McGuire Now?

Ryan McGuire is currently serving imprisonment in a prison cell at the Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Maryland. He pleaded guilty to both counts of first-degree murder in November 2019.

He was sentenced to serve two consecutive life terms in December 2019 and has been behind the bars since then. Previously, Ryan was on probation for burglary when he moved in with Judy.

Police: Man Kills Stepmom, Hides Body In Chest, Then Kills Concerned Neighbor

The prosecutors figured out that he deliberately induced his stepmother with cocaine, fentanyl, and morphine before placing her in the trunk as an additional motivation for her house and money.

The story is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine.