Chloe Ferry Sobs in Devastation as She’s Thrown Off a Flight with her Boyfriend Johnny

When Chloe Ferry and her boyfriend Johnny kicked off an airplane in Los Angeles for a business trip, Chloe immediately started crying, and Johnny was with her.

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The “Bad Luck” Incident That Involved Chloe

The former Geordie star, who is now 26 years old, came to her Instagram account on Wednesday to share with her fans and follow the excitement of heading off to the United States for a special event. However, only a few moments later, the diva recounted her mishap and “poor luck.”

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She revealed that the couple arrived at the airport and were quite excited since they were about to board their flight to Los Angeles; however, shortly after boarding the plane, they were kicked off because they did not have their visas.

The story that Chloe posts on Instagram

It was evident that Chloe was experiencing a great deal of emotional distress as she submitted her sob tale, and she stated that “We were both totally buzzing.” Johnny has just upgraded, which costs him a significant amount of money.

“After that, we board the plane, and the trip goes off without a hitch. The visas are not in our possession. We’re sat here. What are the odds? In addition, she said

“I’m truly crying, and I’m crying out of complete and utter heartbreak. I’m just one woman who has a lot of unlucky circumstances.” She began by telling her experience, but then she said, “I need to laugh because if I don’t, I will cry.” The flight left the gate approximately five minutes ago; unfortunately, we are not having any luck.

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“It is abundantly clear that we were not on it. We are currently located at a terminal of one of the largest airports in the world. We have no idea where our suitcases are and can’t seem to find them. It’s likely that the suitcases are currently en route to Los Angeles.”

She went on to say, “Not only that everyone, but I also left the family holiday three days early so that I could have still been with my family,” which was an additional comment she made.

“And it is one of my dear friend’s birthdays today, and what she had prepared was simply beautiful,” said I. “And it is one of my good friend’s birthdays today.”

“Everyone I know is there, and they’re having the time of their lives. That takes the cake, without a doubt.” She went so far as to share a post in which she described herself as suffering from “extreme FOMO.”

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Chloe went so far as to tell everyone that her boyfriend Johnny had been unable to secure a refund on the tickets that he had gotten upgraded to business class and that he had muttered something along the lines of “This day is going from bad to worse.”

Chloe and Johnny are a pair.

Since November, reality actress Chole Ferry has been in a relationship with Johnny, and the two of them have already discussed their intentions to raise a family together. It wasn’t too long ago that Johnny made a sweet romantic gesture toward Chloe by getting her name tattooed on his neck. He did this to show how dedicated he is to her. The tattoo is pretty obvious, and it can be seen from his collar down to his ears on both sides of his head.

Johnny goes so far as to post a picture of himself kissing Chloe while they proudly display the couple’s new tattoo. Chloe even went so far as to write, “He tattooed my name.”

Since they started dating, the couple has been uploading numerous images of themselves together on their various social media platforms and pictures from the vacations they take together. Even though this vacation ended up being a disaster for them, Johnny and Chloe returned to the hotel shortly after the unpleasant event. In an attempt to remain upbeat, Chloe mentioned that they would be having steak for dinner. We all know that food has the power to cure anything!!