Chili Bowl Crash: Ashton Torgerson, 16, Ejected From Car in Freak Accident

Ashton Torgerson, a race car driver, was ejected from his seat in the Chili Bowl accident. Read everything about the Chili Bowl car accident involving 16-year-old Ashton Torgerson who was ejected and injured critically in the crash.

The incident happened during the Lucas Oil Chili Bowls Nationals, which is an indoor midget car race that takes place annually in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The freak accident left the fans shocked as prayers emerged wishing Torgerson a quick recovery.

Who is Ashton Torgerson?

Ashton Torgerson is a car racer from Oklahoma. The 16-year-old guy was born on June 24, 2005. He completed his education at the Crater Lake Academy and mentions Kyle Larson as his idol.

Torgerson won the Adobe Mountain Speedway last year. He was participating in the Chili Bowls this week with his midget car. Unfortunately, he met a scary accident that severely injured him

Ashton Torgerson Ejected from his car in Chili Bowls accident

The accident involving Ashton Torgerson took place during the 11th lap of Wednesday night’s Chili Bowl event when the racer was participating in the first midget race of his career. Ashton’s car took a scary flip that led to him being ejected from the vehicle.

He was running seventh at the time of the crash. His car hit the outside retaining wall and started a barrel roll of several flips. Rescue workers rushed to the scene just before his car stopped and the race fell under red flag conditions.

Fortunately, Ashton Torgerson was awake after the car accident. He was taken to the Tulsa hospital via ambulance where he is getting treated for the injuries sustained in the crash.

Ashton Torgerson Chili Bowls Accident Video: How to Watch?

A lot of internet users are searching for the video of Ashton Torgerson’s car accident during Chili Bowls. However, the video was not made available by the FloRacing broadcast crew as they moved the cameras away from the site when the race fell under red flag conditions.

We are also unable to share the footage of the accident as the broadcasting rights are owned by FloRacing. However, you can find certain clips focusing on the events of the accident on YouTube. They are posted by third party users.

How is Ashton Torgerson now?

Ashton Torgerson was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance while his condition was stable. The ambulance stayed at the track center for several minutes while stabilizing the patient for the ride across the dirt track.

Petersen Media, the group that does PR for Torgerson Racing, shared an update on the injured racer’s condition.

“Ashton is awake and alert at the hospital. He has feeling in hands and feet and has passed his tests so far,” they wrote in a tweet. “He’s now going into scans. We will continue to keep you posted,” they added.

Torgerson Racing also posted an update on the racer’s condition:

“Passed back, neck tests waiting on CT scan… 1st thing he asked me was what place was he in!! You have no ideas how much the support means to Ashton and the family…”

Winner Rico Abreu to Donate the Earnings for Torgerson’s Treatment

Rico Abreu, the winner of the race where Ashton Torgerson met the car accident, pledged his winnings to the Torgerson family.

“Those are tough moments as a race car driver,” Abreu stated in the postrace news conference. “I didn’t personally witness what happened, but you could just feel the energy shift in the building. It’s anxiousness and a little fearfulness that was being created. You could feel that. And to see a curtain coming across the track. I don’t want to say any more about that.

“We’re race car drivers. We have to strap into these things once everything cools off and hat’s off to the Chili Bowl having an unbelievable safety crew on sight right away.

“You see the circumstances that have been going on across all sports recently and you just feel gutted. All I have been thinking about the last hour or so here is making sure that boy is OK.”

We’d like to send our best wishes and prayers to Ashton Torgerson. May he recover quickly.