Actor Carlitos Balá Dies at the age of 97

Argentinian actor Carlitos Balá passed away on September 22, 2022, at the age of 97 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The main cause of death was not revealed by the family members, but it is speculated that he died due to natural causes.

Carlitos was well known for his catchphrases and bowl-cut hairstyle. He started his career as a comedian and later ventured into acting, music, and children’s entertainment. Some of his popular catchphrases include “Eh, qué pasó?” and “No te olvides de mí”. He was also known for his roles in “El Chavo del Ocho” and “The returned of El Chavo del Ocho”.

Carlitos Balá Family Mourns on his Death

The Argentine Association of Actors confirmed the death of beloved actor Carlos Balá via a statement on their official Twitter handle.

His granddaughter, Laura Ghelfi, told the media outlet that he was admitted to Geum’s Sanatorium after experiencing pain and dizziness.

She said, “We are devastated but united and Thus he left with a joint family and lots of love.” Balá was best known for his comedic roles and his characters and phrases are part of the popular culture of Argentina. In this difficult moment, his family and loved ones are in our thoughts.