Brutal clip of a 78 years old woman thrown out of Access-A-Ride car in Brooklyn

A brutal clip of a 78 years old woman thrown out of Access-A-Ride car in Brooklyn went viral on Thursday , 1st September 2022. The clip shows that the driver of an Access-A-Ride was forcefully dragging the old woman from the car. Who is the brutal driver? Here is more in the sadly incident.

The incident took place near 1510 East 25th Street in Brooklyn at around 3:30 pm. A spectator recorded the entire incident. According to the reports, the old woman was left in the lane and the cab driver tried to run over the spectator who was recording the incident and trying to help the victim. The old woman and the spectator have been hospitalized after this shocking incident.

The video is already trending on Twitter and has hit the internet. Below is the video from a tweet.

The brutality of the incident has left the citizens in awe. In the video, the driver wrenched the elderly woman forcefully from the back seat of the car while she was trying to save herself by attacking him with a cane.

At that moment, the spectator who was recording the video on his phone walks up to the driver. According to the victim’s statement, the spectator asked the driver to give back her phone when the victim was heard saying that the driver took her phone. The driver refused and when the spectator tried to record him from the front, the driver tried to run over the spectator and flees the scene.

Police haven’t found the can driver yet, they are working on it. The incident is itself an example of cruelty.

Good Samaritan Ezra Halawani, who help the old lady, had spoken about the brutality of the incident. He informed the post, “First instinct was to pull out my phone and start recording,” “When I realized it was an elderly woman, I came to help her out, see what was going on.”

The women is recognized as Catherine Shine, 78 years old lady was going for therapy to treat vertigo when the terrifying incident happened, stated her son Thomas Shine.

According to the victim’s statement, the woman was visiting her physiotherapist by this cab. After getting into the car, she noticed that the driver did not drop her at her destination and even refused to let her out. Shine asked her several times to drop her off at the doctor’s office but he refused. The elderly woman got frightened and it leads to chaos between the cab driver and the Shine. The woman further accused that the driver took her phone and money and dragged her from the backseat of the car and left her on one of the streets of Brooklyn. Then she asked the spectator who was by then recording all this to call 911 and complained that the driver has taken all her money and her phone. In the meantime, the spectator asked her if she is fine and the woman answered negatively. Then the spectator called the cops for help.

The incident has left the woman shaken and she was sitting on the Brooklyn lane with her shoes off, completely clueless.

Shine has identified the cab driver as Mohamed Ahmed Elsakran and the face of the driver has already gone viral because of the video which has helped the cops in their investigations.

MTA Spokesperson Mike Cortez said that “The driver has been identified and was immediately removed from service by our broker CTG and all other service providers. We are in contact with the customer’s family and, when possible, will work with them to gain information that will help with the ongoing investigation. The MTA works with several for-hire vehicle companies as part of our broker program to provide our Access-A-Ride customers with safe, reliable service. Our customers deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and we will take all action necessary to ensure the transportation partners we entrust our customers with adhere to this.”

According to the authorities, both of them are quite well now.

The citizens are quite scared because of the incident and re-tweeted about the same by sharing the video. According to one of the tweets, the volunteer organization shomrim is also trying to help the detectives to find the person, “if you see something, say something”.

On the above incident, New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission shared the video in their official profile and tweeted that they are trying to help the New York police about the matter and they are ready to provide whatever support the cops want on the matter. The police have stated that the investigations are going on and we believe the cops will get to the cab driver very soon.