On January 1, 2023, Brittany Hightower passed away after a long battle with sickle cell. She was just 22 years old. Reports suggest that Brittany may have followed her mother into the afterlife just a few short days after her mother’s passing. Tragically, Brittany’s death could have been prevented if not for the negligent care she received at the hospital and the police brutality she suffered while there. Let’s look at what happened to this young Texas woman as her family seeks justice. Keep reading to get more information about this tragic incident.

What happened to Brittany Hightower?

The trouble began when Brittany Hightower was admitted to the hospital in Houston on December 24th, 2022, with severe stomach pains. She was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and placed in isolation due to coronavirus protocols. However, instead of receiving proper medical care for her condition, it appears that she was subjected to verbal abuse by hospital staff and even physically assaulted by police officers in the hospital. This mistreatment is clearly evidenced in several viral videos posted online by one of Brittany’s family members who had visited her during her stay in the hospital

Brittany’s family is now seeking answers as they grieve their loss and prepare to take legal action against those responsible for her death. They are asking anyone who witnessed or experienced similar treatment at this hospital or any other healthcare facility to come forward so that Brittany can receive justice for such a preventable tragedy.

Moreover, they are calling on lawmakers to enact tougher laws regarding patient rights and protection from police brutality within health care settings. It is clear that more must be done to ensure everyone receives proper medical care regardless of race or medical condition without fear of mistreatment or violence from authority figures.              

Brittany Hightower goes viral on Social Media

Social media has been integral in helping spread awareness about what happened to Brittany Hightower and other victims of medical negligence or police brutality within hospitals nationwide. As a result, pressure has been mounting on lawmakers to address these issues head-on and put an end to such abuses once and for all. We can only hope that this will be enough to make lasting change sooner rather than later so that no other families endure such heartbreaking losses like Brittany’s family did. Only then will we truly be able to honor her life and legacy by making sure no one ever experiences something like this again.

People’s Sharing Condolences on Social Media

badgalLABOURITE 🌻🌸@Niki_London
Watching those Brittany Hightower videos was extremely difficult. Baby girl suffered in her last days. I pray that her family finds peace and those healthcare workers get their just due.

Brittany Hightower’s story is both tragic and infuriating – especially when you consider how preventable it could have been had she received proper care from both medical professionals and law enforcement officers alike. Her family deserves answers as well as justice for what happened; hopefully, lawmakers will listen up soon enough so that no other families have similar experiences like theirs ever again. In addition, social media can also play an important role in helping spread awareness about these kinds of cases as well as putting pressure on politicians until lasting change is made possible for all vulnerable patients across America seeking medical attention without fear of mistreatment or violence from authorities figures inside hospitals nationwide.