Brittany Cancel: Wife Of US Marine Willy Joseph Cancel Who Got Killed Fighting Alongside Ukraine

Former US Marine Willy Joseph Cancel got killed in Ukraine fighting against Russia in the war and left behind his 23-year-old wife Brittany Cancel and 7-months-old son. Brittany got the “worst call of her life this Tuesday when she was informed that her husband has been killed,” stated Willy’s father.

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Since the news of the slain soldier’s demise broke out, people are worried about his wife and son. If you are looking for similar information, we’ll keep you informed in this post. Interestingly, there is an active GoFundMe page for the gone soldier’s wife Brittany Cancel to fund her son’s upbringing.

Will Joseph’s young demise has left the people in the US as well as the world heartbroken, and her wife’s life has “completely fallen apart,” according to his father. The two will now continue to live only with the memories of Willy.

Who is Brittany Cancel? Widow of Willy Joseph Cancel

Brittany Cancel is the widow of the late US Marine Willy Joseph Cancel who got killed in Ukraine while fighting against Russia on April 26, 2022. Brittany Cancel, who is an American citizen, is only twenty-three years old and she is also a US Marine veteran.

My husband did die in Ukraine,” Brittany Cancel told Fox News Digital. “He went there wanting to help people, he had always felt that that was his main mission in life.

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My husband was very brave and a hero,” she continued. “I did not expect to be a widow at 23 years old or for our son to be without a father. All I want is for him to come home, and to give him the proper burial he deserves.

Brittany Cancel is currently living with the late Willy Joseph Cancel’s family along with her son. The family has also started a fundraiser for the widow.

Who was Willy Joseph Cancel? The US Marine Who Got Killed in Ukraine

Willy Joseph Cancel was an American citizen and US Marine veteran who was associated with a private military company that made him serve in Ukraine since March. Her mother Rebecca Cabrera revealed that his son was fighting alongside Ukraine when he got killed this Tuesday.

Willy Joseph was only 22-years old and has left behind his family, his wife Brittany Cancel, and his son Anthony Willy Cancel. The slain US Marine veteran signed up to work for a private military contracting company along with being a detention officer in Kentucky as his full-time job.

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When the war broke out in Ukraine, the company asked for contractors to fight there and Willy Joseph Cancel agreed to the opportunity. He then flew into Poland on March 12, 2022, and later cross into Ukraine sometime around mid-March.

On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, Brittany Cancel, the then-wife (now-widow) of Willy Joseph Cancel got a call informing her about the demise of her husband. “‘Your husband fought bravely but unfortunately he did not make it,’” the lady on the call told her.

He had dreams and aspirations of being a police officer or joining FDNY. Naturally, when he found out about what was happening in Ukraine he was eager to volunteer,” Brittany Cancel said in an interview.

Willy Joseph Cancel also Left a 7-Month Old Son, Anthony

Willy Joseph Cancel and Brittany Cancel got married in July 2019, and welcome a son together in September 2021. The couple named the son Anthony Cancel, and he is only seven-months old currently.

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The loving family stayed together in Orange County, New York until Willy left for Ukraine and Brittany moved in with her husband’s family to take good care of Anthony. Now, the mother and son duo are left alone and hoping for Willy to get the “burial he deserves.”

Brittany Cancel’s Life has “Completely Fallen Apart,” Says Willy’s Father

Since that April 26th phone call, her life has completely fallen apart and now she has to figure out how to build it back together, to figure out how to raise her son without his father or financial support,” Willy’s father wrote on the GoFundMe page that has raised more than $36,000 at the time of writing.

He continued to say, “As a family, we are trying to support them as much as possible and be there for each other, but Brittany and Anthony will need more than what we can provide.” The fundraiser is aimed to raise enough money to support Brittany and Anthony’s life after the demise of Willy Joseph Cancel.

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He will grow up without a father, a father who was brave and selfless and whose life was senselessly lost,” Willy Cancel’s father wrote about his grandson.

Willy Cancel’s death is the first instance of a US citizen’s death in Ukraine fighting alongside the country. Previously, 55-year-old Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski also got killed in Ukraine last month. 51-year-old Brent Renauld, a documentary filmmaker who had worked with The New York Times also faced the same fate in the war-ridden country last month.

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