Britney Spears weds Sam Asghari after 5 years being together

In a private ceremony in Los Angeles, Britney Spears and Sam Asghari got married. The event drew 60 people, including some of the couple’s close acquaintances in the entertainment business, including Paris Hilton, Madonna, and others. On Thursday, June 9th, the pair said their “I Dos.”

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The Intimate Wedding’s Image Details

In a small ceremony surrounded by their inner group, the 40-year-old pop musician and the 28-year-old model wedded at Spear’s home. The couple has been dating since 2016, and they married in 2022.

According to People, Britney Spears walked down the aisle in a stunning gown while Elvis Presley’s Falling in Love played in the background.

Britney’s Sons Were Not Present at Her Wedding

Britney’s son Sean Preston and her son Jayden James, whom she had with her ex Kevin Federline, were not present. In a statement to ET, Federline’s Powerhouse attorney said that the family wishes their mother nothing but happiness.

“Although Kevin and the boys will not be at present, they are pleased for Britney and wish her and Sam the best in the future,” the statement adds. “They are hopeful this will be a good start for her post-conservatorship life.” Kevin and the other lads want her to be content. This, hopefully, will be the key to her happiness in the future. “This is Britney and Sam’s day, and nothing should detract from that,” they all agree.

Britney and Sam enjoy spending time together.

Spears and Asghari got engaged in September of last year, sparking rumors of their romance after they met on the set of Spears’ Sumbler Party music video in 2016.

The duo needed “five months” to reunite following the song’s shoot in 2017, according to Spears, and the marriage remained solid throughout Britney’s period, which lasted 13 years. Spears often refers to Sam as the rock which has stood by her side through bad times

“Britney and Sam are a couple in the final stages of their relationship.” But timing is everything for them,” the person added. “All of their romantic desires have been put on hold because of the conservatorship.” They haven’t been able to mature as a pair. It reminds me of high school romance. For the past two years or so, that’s been their experience… They’re ready to move on to the next chapter of their lives and love each other without boundaries or feeling tethered. A marriage proposal is, of course, the next logical step.”

Britney hinted at her marriage only a few months ago when she posted an Instagram photo of Wendy, her cat, sitting on top of white tulle fabric, with the caption “introducing Wendy!!!” And indeed, this is the veil that will be used with my wedding gown!!!” We found out about her marriage in the following month.

Now, we have to wait for her to show up in her stunning bridal gown and drop her images.