Britain’s Legendary Motorcycle Racer Phil Read Died at the age of 83. Know about his cause of his death, career & more

An unfortunate incident occurred on October 6th with the saddest news of Phil Read’s demise. Phil Read who was known to be Britain’s most successful motorcycle racer died at the age of 83. The world witnessed some of the most incredible motorcycle experiences with Phil Read’s skills and passion for racing. It is sad indeed for the motorcycle enthusiasts who always looked up to him. Here’s everything you need to know about the veteran’s cause of death. 

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Phil Read’s cause of death

As they say, the greatest things in the world often leave us before we realize them. That’s the case of the motorcycle king, Phil Read who died at the age of 83. According to the statement released by his mourning family, the demise announcement stated that the motorcycle king was not keeping well for a few months. 

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A statement was released by his son, Phil Read Jr which stated that the Read family is saddened to inform the world and his fans as the motorcycle veteran has died at the age of 83. He peacefully died in his sleep on the morning of 6th October. He died in the presence of his family who was with him during his last hours in their home in Canterbury, England. 

Phil has been survived by his two dear children namely Graham Read and Richard Read. 

Phil Read Motorcycle Career

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The death of Phil Read has saddened the racing world. The motorcycle king has lived one of the greatest and most accomplished life throughout his career. Racer Phil Read, who was born on January 1, 1939 and died on Thursday at his house surrounded by his loving family at the age 83-has been mourned by family and friends. The world of motorcycling mourned the loss of Phil Read who has put an exemplary path for the aspiring generation. Read was a pioneer racer who blazed trails in an earlier era and went out with class. 

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He was one of the most celebrated motorcycle racers ever to come out of Great Britain, and his 121 Grand Prix podiums prove it. Phil is remembered for winning Yamaha’s first world championship title in 1964. He also won four additional titles for the company, including one fought as a privateer—the very definition of underdog racing. In addition to his work with Yamaha Phil also rode two premier class 500cc world championships for Italian MV Agusta: 1973 and 1974!

While his personality may not be to everyone’s liking, there is no denying that Read was an exceptional rider and the achievements he made in motorcycle racing are worthy of recognition. He was the first man to win 125cc, 250cc and 500cc world championships (the latter twice: 1964/5) as well as being Yamaha’s first ever world champion back when the world had no knowledge beyond making generators.

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Phil Read was the first man to win a TT on a Yamaha (Lightweight 125 TT, 1965), the first man to win World Championship races as an independent rider with MV Agusta (500cc class) in 1971 and 1974. With 121 podiums under his belt, he remains Britain’s most successful Grand Prix racer ever.

Despite his many accomplishments, Read’s legacy might have been greater had he not raced at the same time as Mike Hailwood. Many regard him as the greatest motorcycle racer of all time

Hailwood’s rivalry with Read was a constant thorn in the side of their respective races and Read acknowledged that he would have won more world titles and TTs if it weren’t for his rival.

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Fans Paying Tribute To Phil Read

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The news of his death saddened everybody who knew and admired him. Social media is filling up with tributes to the racer, as we learn more about what happened in the moments leading up to his tragic passing when he was just 48 years old.

The entire world of racing is mourning the loss of one its greatest. We’ve gathered some of the tributes to the ‘king of speed’ and moments below, so you can remember him as he was in life: vibrant, fast-paced and full throttle.

Phil Read Jr posted a heart warming update for his late father informing the world about the passing of the greatest motorcycle racer with a heart touching post.

Whereas some people have been showering their best memories of the motorcycle king. A fan shared one of his iconic pictures of himself on the racing track. The fan wrote ‘ prince of speed’.

The group Moto GP paid their respect and tribute to the late veteran by sharing their condolences