Brandon Copic storm chaser was missing found safe

Brandon Copic, a veteran storm chaser and extreme weather videographer, has been reported missing .

Brandom copic storm chaser missing ?

According to those close to him, Copic is apparently going through a mental health crisis and was last seen in Lambertville, Michigan or Fayetteville/Fayette. His phone has been pinging near I75 in southeast Lower Michigan, but his location is now showing a cemetery in Waco, Texas.

His phone goes straight to voicemail. Brandon is a father and fiancĂ©, and loved ones are extremely worried about his wellbeing. As someone who frequently chases storms, Copic is no stranger to dangerous situations. However, his loved ones believe that he is not in his right mind and hope that he will be found safe and sound soon. If you have any information on Brandon Copic’s whereabouts, please contact the authorities immediately.

Where did Brandon was last seen ?

It is believed that he was driving a black 2013 or 2015 Chevrolet Malibu. Brandon is originally from the state of Michigan, but he now lives in California. His family and friends are extremely worried about him and are asking for the public’s help in finding him. C1 fans have been asked to volunteer their time to drive around and see if they can spot Brandon’s car. Anyone who has been in contact with Brandon is urged to contact the police or 911 immediately. We hope that Brandon is found safe and sound soon.

Brandon copic was found safe

UPDATE: Brandon Copic has been heard from and is safe. His family is asking for privacy at this time.We are relieved to report that Brandon Copic has been found safe. Brandon copic issued a statement on his Facebook account

The family is understandably shaken up by the ordeal but they have asked for privacy at this time.