Brad Johnson Famously Known For ‘Always’ Dies at 62

Brad Johnson Famously Known For ‘Always' Dies at 62

Brad Johnson Famously Known For ‘Always’ Dies at 62: Brad Johnson former “Malboro Man” passed away in Forth Worth, Texas on February 18, due to complications from COVID-19.

Johnson was a “true Renaissance man”, according to his family’s obituary. Johnson was interested in every aspect of life and was also gifted at it. He lived his life to the fullest, even though he was too young.

His obituary said that Brad was the son of a horse trainer and grew up loving the outdoors. He would hunt and compete in rodeo when he could. Brad began his professional rodeo career back in 1984. He would eventually moved to Dallas, Texas where he married Laurie, the love of their lives. They were together for 35 years.

He began working on the rodeo circuit and was soon recognized as ‘Marlboro Man’.

After a few uncredited appearances Johnson’s first major acting role was in Steven Spielberg’s 1989 drama ‘Always‘. He acted alongside Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfuss.

Other notable roles include Flight of the Intruder and Philadelphia Experiment II.

Johnson spent much of his time acting and also enjoyed the outdoors in New Mexico, Colorado and North Texas. He also worked on restoring Model 1886 Winchester Rifles.

As his obituary described ‘Brad loved his family more than cowboying or the outdoors. They know that he put them first in all things and that he was a great father and husband.” Brad was a true explorer and took on all aspects of his life, from a life on the professional rodeo circuit to a career in film production to hunting bears and caribou in Alaska to selling ranch real property in the rolling hills of North Texas. His children and wife will cherish the fond memories he gave them. He was the person who lived more than life. Brad was loved by many, loved back by many, a trusted friend, colleague, dedicated husband, father, and dedicated husband. His legacy will live on. His wife and eight children are his survivors.

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