Bodybuilding Star Cedric McMillan Dies at Age 44“Suddenly” Industry Left Heartbroken

Popular Pro-Bodybuilding star and 2017 Arnold Classic Champion, Cedric McMillan passed away at the age of 44 suddenly, after suffering a heart attack on a treadmill, as reported by Generation Iron first.

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McMillan was on a break from professional competitions in recent times due to a number of injuries and health complications. However, he was hopeful of making a comeback soon. The last he appeared at a pro-bodybuilding competition was in the 2020 Arnold Classic where he ended up in the sixth-place.

He was one of the most renowned faces of the industry and had a massive fan base that he had left behind. Tributes have been pouring rapidly all over social media platforms as fans and friends are mourning the tragic event.

What was the cause of Cedric McMillan’s death?

Members of Cedric McMillan’s family informed Generation Iron that the beloved bodybuilder had passed away on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. It was reported that he suffered a heart attack while exercising on a treadmill.

However, the actual cause of McMillan’s death is not revealed yet. He was recently facing a sad number of health issues including multiple injuries. Thus, he was focusing on his recovery, instead of participating in pro-bodybuilding competitions.

The main health issues that Cedric McMillan was dealing with were related to his stomach and intestines as he wasn’t able to fully digest water and food. He was even trying a liquid diet including milkshakes and soups. The doctors have strictly advised him to stay away from bodybuilding activities.

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Cedric also faced a near-death experience in December last year when he developed critical breathing issues after suffering from COVID-19. The breathing issues ultimately turned into pneumonia and he was put on life support.

Sharing his sad conditions in an interview with GI, he said, “I was almost dead.” Fortunately, he recovered and went on stage to guest pose at the Armed Forces National 2021.

Cedric McMillan’s Death Raises Many Questions About the Industry

Cedric McMillan’s death raises many questions about the bodybuilding industry with the fans claiming that his complex lifestyle was the cause and he is “gone too soon.” There are many rumors spreading surrounding his death as well. We’d recommend avoiding them at the moment.

McMillan’s death adds up to a tragic list of bodybuilders who passed away at young ages. Former Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden and 2019 Arnold Classic Champion George Peterson are the two most recent names that passed away at young ages last year.

There’s a general belief that PEDs such as steroids and other enhancement drugs contribute to the sudden passings of pro-bodybuilders. However, the autopsy reports don’t confirm that directly. Although Peterson’s autopsy report listed certain anabolic substances as a contributing factor.

Experts and fans both keep worrying about the substance use in the industry due to the long-term adversities, that eventually break hearts of millions.

Cedric McMillan’s Legacy: He Was Loved by All

Cedric McMillan was one of the most popular bodybuilders of the 21st century and was best known to bring back the “Classic” look. He was born on August 16, 1977, in Maplewood, New York, and grew up with a passion for bodybuilding and muscle development.

He was intensely passionate about bodybuilding since his childhood and would reference bodybuilding and workout magazines to draw his superhero cartoons. He went on to chase his childhood dream after going Pro in 2009 by winning the NPC Nationals.

In 2011, McMillan won the Orlando Show of Champions, and then he won the 2012 New York Pro. In 2017, McMillan won the Arnold Classic 2017 after defeating the iconic names like Maxx Charles, Lionel Beyeke, and Dallas McCarver (who also passed away at a very young age of 26 due to congestive heart failure in 2017).

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McMillan played the key role in bringing back the Classic Physique division as fans credit him for the return of the look in Men’s Open bodybuilding. He was also an active service member of the US Army.

Along with being a very successful pro-bodybuilder, he was a warm and loving family man. Sadly, he had left behind his wife and four children.

Cedric McMillan’s Competition History

  • 2022 Arnold Classic: Withdrew
  • 2021 IFBB Legion Sports Fest Pro – Withdrew
  • 2020 Arnold Classic: 6th Place
  • 2019 Japan Pro Men’s Bodybuilding: 2nd Place
  • 2019 Romania Muscle Fest Pro Men’s Bodybuilding: 1st Place
  • 2019 FitParade Pro Bodybuilding: 1st Place
  • 2019 Olympia: 7th Place
  • 2019 Arnold Classic Australia: 2nd Place
  • 2019 Arnold Classic: 4th Place
  • 2018 Olympia: 9th Place
  • 2018 Toronto Pro: 3rd Place
  • 2018 Arnold Classic: 3rd Place
  • 2017 Olympia: 10th Place
  • 2017 Arnold Classic: 1st Place
  • 2017 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro Men’s Open: 2nd Place
  • 2017 IFBB San Marino Pro: Ist Place
  • 2016 Olympia: 7th Place
  • 2016 Arnold Classic Australia: 2nd Place
  • 2016 Arnold Classic: 2nd Place
  • 2015 Nordic Pro: 3rd Place
  • 2015 Europa Atlantic City Pro: 2nd Place
  • 2015 Golden State Championships Pro: 1st Place
  • 2015 Arnold Classic Brasil: 2nd Place
  • 2015 Arnold Classic: 4th Place
  • 2014 Arnold Classic: 3rd Place
  • 2013 Olympia: 12th Place
  • 2013 New York Pro: 12th Place
  • 2013 FIBO Power Germany: 1st Place
  • 2013 Arnold Classic: 6th Place
  • 2012 New York Pro: 1st Place
  • 2011 Europa Orlando Pro: 1st Place
  • 2011 New York Pro: 11th Place
  • 2010 Europa Dallas Pro: 4th Place

Tributes Keep Pouring for Cedric McMillan

Fans and acquaintances have been mourning Cedric McMillan’s death on social media platforms. People only have good words and memories about the gone bodybuilding legend.

Cedric McMillan has indeed left the world too soon. He was a much-needed face in the bodybuilding industry, a professional icon, and a family-loving person. Hopefully, McMillan is in a better place now. Rest in Peace!