Boarding House Stipend Scheme (Tripura Govt.) 2023

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The duration of this honorarium is 322 days each year. The Boarding House Stipend for SC boys and girls who live in board houses is Rs. 65 per day per student, including housekeeping fees. The Department for Welfare of SCs is currently in charge of 52 SC hostels. Throughout 2018-19 and 2019-20, a total of 1993 students benefited. Boarding House: A boarding house is a residence that serves meals and accommodates paying visitors.

What Is Boarding House Stipend Scheme (Tripura Govt.)

What Is Boarding House Stipend Scheme (Tripura Govt.)? To improve the educational environment for members of Scheduled Tribes, the Tribal Welfare Department, Directorate of Tribal Welfare, Government of Tripura, created the “Boarding House Stipend” program.

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The “Boarding House Stipend” program’s goals include housing for ST boys and girls who come from remote locations in the hostels. to offer housing to ST students whose residence is more than three kilometers away from the school. to lower the rate of dropouts.

Boarding House Stipend Scheme Application Process, Boarding House Stipend Scheme Documents Required, & Boarding House Stipend Scheme Eligibility.

Boarding House Stipend Scheme Application Process: (Application for the Boarding House Stipend Program) This application process is, regrettably, down. To the Directorate of Tribal Welfare, the concerned DM/SDM would transmit the list of students they have obtained from government-operated dorms and board houses maintained by authorized NGOs.

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Boarding House Stipend Scheme Documentation Required: Caste certificate, ration number, Aadhaar number, parent’s mobile number, school admission document/school ID card, and income certificate are required pieces of documentation.

Boarding House Stipend Scheme Eligibility: ST boarders in grades 1 through 12 whose homes are more than 3 kilometers from the school.

Boarding House Stipend Scheme Benefits

Students from Class I through Class XII who are housed in government-run hostels and authorized NGO-run boarding houses receive a Boarding House Stipend of Rs. 65 per day per student (including LPG subsidy, sweeping, and cleaning at a rate of Rs. 1 per day per student) for 322 days (10 months) of the academic year.

The Tribal Welfare Department’s several types of hostels include 161 ST hostels operated by the state government (100 for boys and 61 for girls), 43 by the TTAADC, 8 by the TTWREIS, and 143 by non-governmental organizations.

Boarding House Stipend Scheme (Tripura Govt.)
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Guideline Sources

Guidelines Found On Official Website.

Specifically, there is one corporation.

Officers and employees of The Tripura School Castes Cooperative Development Corporation Ltd.

  1. The mentioned Corporations’ managing director.
  2. General Manager 1 for S.C.Welfera (TCS, SSG) iv) There are employees at SC. Corporation.
  3. Common Supervisors, or Field Supervisors, are placed in blocks.

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Corporations’ Goals

  1. Education and cultural development are priorities number one and two for school castes.
  2. Preventing caste, school, and other forms of social exploitation.
  3. Ensuring SC’s legal and constitutional rights

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