Bloody Mary Telugu Movie Review & Ratings

Bloody Mary Telugu Movie Review & Ratings -AHA has released a tiny film named Bloody Mary, along with a blockbuster like KGF2. Let us see how it goes, directed by ChandooLet’s see how Chandoo Mondeti’s film turns out.

Bloody Mary Movie Review


She works as a nurse and becomes engaged in the murder of a senior doctor by accident. If that wasn’t enough, her companion, Kireeti (Kireeti), witnesses a different murder, and Raju (Rajkumar) records it on camera. Throughout it all, the pals’ shared nemesis is Ajay, who plays a cop. The entire plot of the film revolves around Mary and her pals safely escaping these crimes.

Bloody Mary Cast & Crew

MovieNameBloody Mary
Cast LeadsNivetha Pethuraj, Brahmaji, Ajay, Kireeti, and Raj Kumar
DirectorChandoo Mondeti
ProducerTG Nageshwar Rao
Written byPrashanth Kumar Dimmala
MusicKaala Bhairava
DOPKarthik Gattamaneni

Plus points

The film’s casting is excellent, as all three characters are well-suited to their roles. Nivetha Pethuraj takes the lead and performs an excellent job as Mary. Nivetha has done an excellent job of portraying her character’s metamorphosis from a shy to a confident individual.

Kireeti plays a significant role and does an excellent job as a dumb person. With his eyes, he emotes nicely and supports the others nicely. Rajkumar is also competent in his job and provides a few laughs.

Ajay is the greatest actor in the film since he perfectly portrays a disgruntled cop. In his own way, Brahmiji plays a bad role. The cat and mouse game between the cop and his three pals have been beautifully shown.

Negative Points: 

Ajay’s character is also fully introduced. However, the picture loses its seriousness after that. Despite the fact that there was room for additional drama, the director chose not to employ it.

Also, Nivetha Pethuraj’s behavior with her methods to deceive the criminals seemed a little forced. The film’s most irritating scene occurs at the conclusion when Nivetha is depicted as a wealthy woman who has accomplished everything. The build-up pictures and scenarios shown have no effect on the audience.

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Technical Aspects: 

The music and BGM are both good. The film’s production values and camera work are both rather good. Because the film is only one hour and forty minutes long, the editing is excellent. The dialogue and production design were both good.

In terms of the film’s director, Chandoo Mondeti did an adequate job. He’s known for his thrillers, but he doesn’t quite nail it here. He rushed out of the movie as if he was in a hurry, despite having so much room to enhance the twists and drama.


Bloody Mary offers a good backdrop and competent performances. However, a rushed narration and a silly finish disappoint the audience, making this a dull weekend movie.

Movie Rating: 2.5/ 5