How Did Blake Hounshell Die? Cause Of Death, Obituary Know Everything About Him

The news of political journalist Blake Hounshell’s death on Tuesday left many shocked and saddened. Hounshell, who was 44 years old, worked for The New York Times for nearly a decade and was an influential figure in the world of journalism. Though his life was cut short, he led an incredible journey that includes surviving a stroke, learning Arabic in Egypt, and having a loving family. Let’s take a look at the remarkable life of Blake Hounshell. Keep reading more

Who was Blake Hounshell?

Hounshell was born to Bernard and Sylvia Hounshell on September 4, 1978 in California. He had two siblings and grew up in Delaware and Pittsburgh. He obtained his degree in political science from Yale University in 2002 before moving to Egypt to learn and study Arabic. It was there that he met Sandy Choi; they eventually moved to Washington D.C., got married, and had two children together.

Blake Hounshell Career

After graduating from Yale University, Hounshell began working as an editorial assistant at Foreign Affairs magazine from 2003-2005 before joining the New Republic as an editor later that year. From 2007-2015 he served as Politico’s managing editor where he covered politics, foreign policy, and national security issues at both domestic and international levels. In 2015 he became the deputy editor of Politico Magazine until joining The New York Times as their political editor in 2019 which is where he stayed until his death this week at age 44.

Blake Hounshell Life Challenges

In addition to all his professional accomplishments, it’s important to note that Hounshell also overcame various personal challenges throughout his lifetime including surviving a stroke back in 2000 while living in Cairo with Choi who then cared for him during recovery alongside their Egyptian friends there whom they credited with saving his life. This experience taught them both valuable lessons about resilience which ultimately helped shape both of their lives thereafter including when they relocated back to Washington D.C., got married years later (2008) with their Egyptian friends attending remotely via Skype due to visa requirements even after years apart since leaving Cairo initially which was incredibly special for them both!  These same friends even flew over from Cairo when their first child was born! Truly inspiring!

How did Blake Hounshell die? What was the cause of Blake’s death?

Blake Hounshell’s death on January 10, 2023 at the age of 44 was a heartbreaking tragedy for his family and friends. Police found his body near the Taft Bridge and are looking into it as a potential case of suicide. A statement from his family revealed that Blake had been battling depression, something that he had been dealing with for quite some time. How Blake Hounshell died is still being investigated, but it goes without saying that the cause of death certainly appears to be related to his struggles with mental illness.

Tributes Pour To Blake Hounshell Death

John Fetterman@JohnFetterman
Blake Hounshell was a fellow stroke survivor, and one of the first interviews I did when I returned to the campaign trail and struggled to find my words. He showed compassion and humanity in a way few others had. This is heartbreaking.

David Beard@dabeard
Susan, you were a great boss and mentor to him, too. Such a loss. #RIP

Blake Hounshell Obituary

Even though we are grieving the loss of such an amazing person gone too soon, we can take solace in knowing that Blake lived an extraordinary life full of unique experiences that have surely left us better off than before he came along! His memory will live on through all those who were fortunate enough to know him personally or professionally–may we honor him by carrying forward some part of what made him so special! Rest In Peace Blake Hounshell! We will miss you dearly!