1 Magnificent Black Dog Helps Restaurant Owner

Black Dog Helps Restaurant in such an ingenious way that it has us scratching our heads at our own fidos at home. He is such a sweet dog greeting the customers as they enter up to when they sit down and Haneul brings them their menus.

The customers are always amazed by how smart and efficient Haneul is. The Labrador will even go as far as bringing the customers the remote control to turn up the volume as they eat. What else can Haneul do? I am glad you asked!

Dog Helps Restaurant in Style.

Dog Helps Restaurant In More Ways Than One

When the customers need more cups Haneul will bring them more cups, and when the customers tip or pay then he will collect the money and store it in a bin to collect it. Do you think that Haneul gets tired like a 9 to 5 employee like we do? I think that he sure does but he does it looking cute 24/7.

When Haneul is finishing up for the day between his breaks and snacking he will help clean up the restaurant by bringing the broom to the owner, picking up trash, returning silverware to the owner, and when he is finished he will shut off the lights.

Haneul receives praise from customers, visitors, and his owner alike. Haneul has some cute puppies that greet the customers as well which is such a treat! Haneul deserves a raise!

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FAQs related to Dog Helps Restaurant Owner

Below are some FAQs I think you might find interesting.

Does Petting A Dog Help With Stress?

Yes, and that is an added benefit to their cute appearance. Dogs help us release endorphins by petting them and spending quality time with them which helps lower our stress levels.

Do Dogs Make Good Therapy Dogs?

therapy dog, dog providing support, Dog Helps Restaurant

Yes, dogs can make good therapy dogs. They have been known to be helpful in therapy with children, and adults alike. Listed below are some good therapy dogs that are worth messaging.

This 3lb Punch is a cute therapy dog that is just a sweet bundle of joy. Norbert, an adorable Chihuahua, Cairn Terrier, and Lhasa Apso mix, is his own type of original breed. He has inspired Julie Steines to become an author and a pet dog owner.

Norbert does lots of work at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles as a Pet Partner-approved volunteer therapy dog. He also visits nursing homes and charity events. Norbert is a therapy dog with a bunch of followers on social media and a huge heart for helping others feel as happy as he is with his family.

Norbert has been able to be a guest on the Home And Family Hallmark show. He came on the show as a star in his own book series. It was here where she had met Mark Steines and there was an instant connection. Norbert’s signature move is his High Five! Norbert has a cute bookshop with pins and socks that are signed. He also has an adorable apparel store with hoodies, tote bags, and t-shirts.

Ricochet – The First Surf Therapy Dog

Ricochet became a therapy dog even before she could barely open her eyes. She grew up with so much energy and happiness which was good for helping others with therapy but she became obsessed with chasing cats, and birds like a normal dog.

Being a normal dog wasn’t Ricochet’s style so she did remain a therapy dog but she found her true calling which was surfing. She began with many practices but became a quick learner and took experts by storm. Her biggest break came from helping Patrick Ivison who is quadriplegic by helping him stay balanced on a surfboard. If he did fall then she was right there to save him. Man that is a real tear-jerker!

Meet Xander The Blind Therapy Pug

Xander used to be a homeless puppy at the shelter until he was brought to a new home. We aren’t entirely sure why Xander is blind but him being Xander doesn’t deter us away from him in the slightest.

Xander is a good therapy dog because he has learned to adapt to different personalities and needs without being taught to. He has helped out many elderly people, and children.

Xander behind the scenes is enjoying life with his owner, working on being incorporated into future books, and playing tug of war with his lab friend.

‘Thor’ the Great Dane Therapy Dog

From a household pet to a therapy dog meet Thor. Thor is a doctor’s therapy dog who greatly enjoys greeting cancer patients and other patients as a well-beloved Scooby Doo. In fact, Thor has played Scooby Doo in a live-action TV series.

Thor Helps Cancer patients make recovery a little easier by bringing positivity when it’s a very series matter. Thor well deserves his 100k following across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. You can find his TikTok here at ThorVonSchultz.