Belt Loader Accident Killed 26-Year-Old Airport Baggage Handler Jermani Thompson

New Orleans- A tragic Belt Loader accident killed Jermani Thompson, 26, on Tuesday. She was a baggage handler at a New Orleans airport. Thompson was unloading a Frontier Airlines plane parked at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport when the accident took place.

Thompson’s hair got tangled in the machinery of a belt loader as per the officials’ statement on Wednesday. The tragic incident took place around 10:20 PM on Tuesday, August 30, 2022. The Airport authorities announced the death the following day.

Jermani Thompson, 26, was injured and rushed to the Hospital after Belt Loader Accident

Jermani Thompson was unloading a Frontier Airlines plane which was parked at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Her hair got tangled and stuck in the machinery of a belt loader which left her critically injured.

The horrifying incident happened on the “Apron” where planes are maintained, loaded, and unloaded. When her co-workers realized what has happened, they rushed Jermani to the nearest hospital.

Unfortunately, the medical examiner pronounced her dead. Jermani’s injuries possibly resulted in hemorrhage and neurogenic shock that resulted in her demise. The Jefferson Parish Coroner’s Office will conduct an autopsy to determine the specific cause of death.

Frontier Airlines canceled a flight on Wednesday due to the tragic incident.

Frontier Airlines and Airport Officials Mourn Jermani’s Death

Frontier Airlines spokesperson paid respect to the young girl who died in a horrifying manner this Tuesday. “We extend our deepest condolences following the tragic death of a dear member of our ground handling business partner,” the spokesperson said.

“Our thoughts are with her family and loved ones during this difficult time,” they added.

GAT CEO Mike Hough also expressed grief on Jermani Thompson’s death. “We are heartbroken and are supporting her family and her friends as best we are able to,” he said in a statement.

Kevin Dolliole, Director of Aviation for Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, also displayed sorrow at the unfortunate event. “We are deeply saddened about the tragic loss of GAT Airline Ground Support team member, Jermani Thompson,” he said.

“The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport extends its sincere condolences to her family and friends, and also to our partners at GAT and Frontier Airlines. Jermani was a part of our Airport family, and we will continue to support one another in any way we can during this trying time,” he added.

Who was Jermani Thompson?

Jermani Thompson was a member of the GAT Airline Ground Support team. She was just 26 years old and her work involved loading and unloading parked airplanes. Her mother revealed that she was also a highly skilled basketball player.

Jermani had previously played for Hesston College in Kansas and Tougaloo College in Mississippi. She also had a bachelor’s degree in sociology. She died a very painful death after her hair got tangled in the belt loader when she was working this Tuesday.

Jermani Thompson’s Family is “Heartbroken” Over the Incident

Jermani’s death has left the family heartbroken as they mourn the loss of the young girl. Her sister-in-law Nicole Branch has told a news outlet that the family is also questioning the circumstances surrounding her death. However, they haven’t launched a probe yet.

Jermani’s mother Angela Dorsey said, “She was my baby girl. Everybody loved her, she loved basketball. I’m just lost for words. I can’t even think.”

“She was the sweetest person. She was a hard worker who always went after her goals,” Nicole said.

More details will be available once the autopsy reports are released. The New Orleans police are investigating the case.

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