Attack movie review: John Abraham is simply another example of his convenient patriotism.

Attack movie review: John Abraham has returned as a soldier, this time is more stylish than nationalists.

Attack Movie Review

Attack movie review

When you watch John Abraham fighting it out on screen, you won’t observe anything but his muscles flexing and his beefed-up chest. The new big-screen movie, Attack, gives you numerous opportunities to admire his attractive looks and slim body. John is usually credited with taking a film on his shoulder, but when it came to Attack the debut director Lakshya Raj Anand took it somewhat too seriously because John is a “super soldier’ and is essentially the only man in the movie that kills every bad guy. In one scene, John single-handedly fights with and kills over 100 terrorists who have targeted the city.

Attack tells the story of an army soldier Arjun Shergill (John Abraham) who suffers a devastating loss during an attack of terrorism and is left with permanent paralysis in his neck and is placed in the back of a wheelchair. In the meantime, Dr. Saba (Rakul Preet Singh) has been developing an innovative technology that will allow paralyzed people to stand on their own feet. Arjun is considered to be the perfect scientist to go through the trial for India’s first super-soldier program. This is because the nation must be protected from the terrorist mastermind who is in the process of losing. When Arjun is able to complete the test, Parliament comes under attack and he’s required to be able to protect the capital just in time to avoid an explosion of a chemical bomb. Could he create the impossible using the power of technology within him?

For those who have expressed frustration with Bollywood’s lack of new scripts and innovative ideas, Attack, to some degree, may provide an adrenaline rush because of its unique concept (seen numerous times in Hollywood in the past, but very fresh in Bollywood). Some may find it to be a bit bizarre and unrealistic to believe it. I can remember the time that the film Anubhav Sinha’s Ra One came and many thought it was too difficult to comprehend, don’t be shocked to find that Attack is also giving you similar thoughts.

The director, Lakshya Raj Anand wrote the script together with Sumit Batheja as well as Vishal Kapoor has pushed to make this action-sci-fi thriller stand out and, somehow the film is both impressive and is a bit shaky in certain sections. The film is well-cut in less than two hours and does not slow down even once. With its gripping narrative and moments that are edge-of-the-seat and don’t delve into unneeded subplots or song or dance sequences.

It is clearly divided into two parts that include a wheelchair-bound John who transforms into an awe-inspiring soldier Attack depicts the soldier’s responsibility to protect his country with the most modern technology. Thankfully, it doesn’t venture into the realm of nationalist fervor with its heavy-weight dialogue, which is obviously not too far from John’s films to date. The beautifully crafted and well-executed action scenes are an absolute visual delight. While humor isn’t the only thing you’d want in this story, I loved how the director has interspersed the narrative with elements of comedy through the voices of some characters (no spoilers).

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John is a smooth-looking man in his action hero look. The genre is, as you can see, is a natural fit for him. He manages to mix vulnerability and the strength of his physical preparation, too, which can be seen all through the movie. However, I felt that this transition should have felt more realistic. The way that his character suddenly increases his size and appears more athletic than ever before, despite being paralyzed for so long is hard to take in. Rakul is a convincing actor and appears confident on-screen. Lakshya does not even try to convey the depth of Saba’s character. Jacqueline as well, with her extended appearance, adds glamour to the screen, but the story of a sudden love affair comes to an equally abrupt conclusion. Have you seen Bachchhan Paandey lately? Jacqueline appears to have mastered the art of getting frozen to fall in love with a song, dance, and die by a gun’s shot

There are some excellent actors such as Ratna Pathak Shah (Arjun’s mother) and Rajit Kapoor (home minister) But they’ve not been given any space to act. Rajit is allowed to write some humorous lines, but that’s about it.

In conclusion,

The attack is your high-on-action sci-fi film that is smooth and clever. Take a look at John looking at his top after a long period of time in the spotlight and don’t think too much about the unrealistic reality it transports you into.

AttackDirector: Lakshya Raj AnandCast: John Abraham, Rakul Preet Singh, Jacqueline Fernandez