Asherey Ryan’s Unborn Infant was Ripped from her Body in the Windsor Hills Car Crash

A horrifying car crash took place on August 4, 2022, near the Windsor Hills area in L.A. California which left Asherey Ryan, 23, his son Alonzo, and unborn child Armani dead alongside three others. Read on to know what happened and how the crash occurred.

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An ICU Nurse Nicole L. Linton was charged with the murder of six and vehicular manslaughter of five people. The tragic crash left the vehicles involved in the fire, only a few feet away from the gas station.

A video from the security cam has surfaced online giving viewers an idea of how unfortunate the event was. A witness tried saving Ryan’s one-year-old son but he was already dead when his body landed near his feet.

Windsor Hills Car Crash: Six Pronounced Dead; ICU Nurse Nicole L. Linton Arrested

Asherey Ryan, 23, was eight-month pregnant with her second son, Armani Lester, and was traveling with her one-year-old son Alonzo. Reynold Lester was also traveling along with two women in another vehicle. The family was on their way to the hospital for a pregnancy check-up.

Near the Windsor Hills area, a Mercedes driven by ICU nurse Nicole Linton plowed red light at a high speed of 90mph and crashed into six cars at a busy intersection. The horrifying crash caused the vehicles to collide with each other across the street and burst into flames.

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A security cam footage of the tragic incident has surfaced online. You can have a look at it below:

The vehicles can be seen burning a few feet away from a gas station. Six people were killed including Asherey Ryan’s unborn child who was ripped apart from her body.

Asherey Ryan, Her One-Year-Old Son, and Unborn Baby Dead

Asherey Ryan, an eight-month pregnant woman was killed in the car crash alongside her infant and one-year-old son Alonzo. She had already decided to

name her second son Armani Lester. The unborn baby was nearly full-term and was ripped from his mother’s uterus in the tragic crash.

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Armani’s father, Reynold Lester, was also killed in the car crash along with two women in a different vehicle. The identity of the women is unknown at the time of writing. The crash split Reynold’s car in half.

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The couple’s first son Alonzo was sent flying through the air from his car seat. He landed near a witness’ feet who tried to save the child who had already passed away. His body was found separated from his mother’s according to the LA County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Asherey Ryan’s Family demands justice for the deceased

Asherey Ryan’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to support the funeral services of the deceased. The page has managed to raise over $163,000 so far. The citizens are seen paying their tributes at the crash site, Windsor Hills, Los Angeles.

“In the flash of an eye, a young family was decimated,” Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón said on Monday.

“The relatives and friends of those slain and wounded have suffered irreparable devastation. It’s a great loss not just to their families, but to our whole community, who learned of this horrific tragedy after seeing the now-viral footage of the incident,” he added.

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Luis Quintero, Alonzo’s father said, “I want to see justice served. Something for her, payback for what she’s done. Maybe then I can forgive her. But not now. She took my son away from me. And I will never see him.” “He had a smile that would brighten up your day no matter what, he was full of joy, very excited. I loved when he gripped his hands when he would kick his legs from excitement,” grieving father, Luis Quintero added.

Nicole L. Linton has a previous record of accidents

An ICU nurse Nicole Linton was charged in the incident and arrested. She is 37 years old from Texas and works in Los Angeles. Linton only suffered minor injuries in the crash including bleeding near the head.

She was cooperating with investigators to check her bloodwork and if she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving. She was released from the hospital on Monday and charged with murder of six and vehicular manslaughter of five by the LA County district attorney.

However, the exact motive for rash driving is unknown at the moment. She was reportedly drunk and fighting with her partner when the crash happened. Her attorney says she has a profound history of mental health problems.

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She had worked in six nursing jobs in five states over the past 2 years. It remains unclear why she was allowed to work in the healthcare industry, that too in the ICU if her mental health was declining profoundly.

The Prosecutors also revealed in court that Linton was involved in 13 prior road accidents, including one in 2020 in which two vehicles were totaled. We have also received crash records from two incidents in Texas, one in 2013 and one in 2016.