Who Is Arian Taherzadeh? Secret Service Agent Arian Taherzadeh Arrested

Arian Therzadeh, a Washington resident, bribed Secret Service employees to pretend to be members of a fake Department of Homeland Security taskforce.

FBI agents found that Haider Ali and Arian Taherzadeh were impersonating members of bogus Department of Homeland Security task forces. They were arrested.

Arian Taherzadeh

Who Is Arian Taherzadeh From DC?

Arian Taherzadeh, a Washington, DC resident, claimed to be part of a Department of Homeland Security taskforce investigating violence related to the January 6, 2021, event at the US Capitol. He collaborated with Haider Ali, an acquaintance.

The system was designed to rent luxury apartments and high-end electronic equipment free of charge to Secret Service officers.

According to the New York Post, he allegedly gave a $2,000 assault rifle to one of the misled agents on Jill Biden’s security detail. Agents may also be offered a fancy apartment valued at more than $40,000 annually by the suspects.

Postal inspectors discovered the deceit when they investigated an attack on a mail delivery worker at the suspects’ apartment building last month. The homeowners informed the police that the two men claimed to be DHS agents.

According to alleged fake feds, they set up surveillance and alerted other tenants that they could access their personal data.

Secret Service Agent Arian Taherzadeh Arrested

Arian Taherzadeh (a secret service agent) and his accomplice were captured. They were captured by over a dozen FBI agents who raided the building in Southeast DC on Wednesday night.

Two of the men claimed to be undercover agents when the DHS inspector contacted them. According to the BBC, the FBI was then contacted by DHS who raided their home.

The two of them will appear in court on Thursday. They had claimed to be secret service agents for the past two years. As more information becomes available, we will provide you with additional details.

Origin and Ethnicity of Arian Taherzadeh

The ethnicity and origin of Arian Taherzadeh are still unknown. His arrest was also announced recently.

He is currently being held in prison. More information about him may not be available for some time.