Anupama 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update

Anupama appreciates the photos Anuj took of Anu, and Little Anu. She thinks Anuj is wondering what she’s missing. They are separated by a door, yet he is still in her life. She threatens that if he approaches her, she would hurl her belan/roti ball at him. Anuj believes she has now learned the truth about why she used to pledge to do something and then not follow through. True believers in God reap incredible benefits. From what he’s seen, he believes she’s really stunning. Even though he knows it’s all her fantasy, he insists that he’s more handsome than she is. She is certain that she will feel well, and she assures him that he will not accept defeat easily and will fight till the finish. Anuj’s health is dire.

Adhik inquires of Pakhi as to whether or not Vanraj was distressed. Pakhi, holding his hand securely in his lap and sitting next to him, nods his head in assent. It’s possible, in Adhik’s opinion, that Vanraj threatened Anuj back then. A furious Pakhi asserts that anybody may resort to threats. Also, he wants to know if he thinks Vanraj tried to murder Anuj. Adhik insists there was no chance involvement. Once Anuj regains consciousness, the truth will emerge. If Anuj is unable to regain consciousness, Pakhi worries about what would happen. Unfortunately, Anuj’s health continues to decline. Medics work to bring the patient back to life. Anupama tells him to keep fighting.

Leela approaches Anupama and informs him that he has damaged his life by divorcing Anupama and that Vanraj cannot be incorrect. Neither her son nor anything else seems to bother her. She begs her not to turn over Vanraj to the authorities. A glass of water is offered to her, and Anupama tries to calm her down. After that, Barkha moves toward Anupama on foot. While comforting her, Anupama begins to cry. Barkha is confused as to why Anuj is being treated at a regular hospital instead than a more prestigious one. Unfortunately, the local medical professionals just aren’t up to par. Anupama asserts that the local medical staff is well qualified. Leela says they have brought Vanraj back to life. To get Anuj medical help, Barkha says she would have taken him to the United States. Most American physicians are of Indian descent, according to Anupama, who thinks they should pray to Anuj instead. While Anu, age 4, prays at home, she says her prayers at the hospital.

Doctor emerges from operating room to tell Anupama and the others that the operation went well. If the operation was successful, Ankush wants to know. Only after the patient regains consciousness will the surgeon consider the operation a success. After he regains consciousness, or even before, surgeons have removed blood clots in the brain in the hopes of a successful return attempt. Anupama is curious about the probabilities of his recovery, in his opinion. The doctor argues that the solution can only be found with the passage of time. After remembering Anuj’s poem/shayari, Anupama prays to God’s for help.

Through the clear ICU window, Anupama checks Anuj and inquires of the doctor about the possibility of his regaining consciousness. Even though Anuj’s doctors insist he is not in a coma, anything might still happen at any time. Leela, Kavya, and Hasmukh all say prayers for his health. Hasmukh tells Anupama to go home and rest for a little because she has been sleeping nonstop since last night. Anupama doesn’t want to leave Anuj alone, so she suggests they head back to the house for a nap. Little Anu calls Anupama and asks her to snap a photo of him with his friend Anuj. This is something Anupama demonstrates to Anuj. There’s a young girl named Anuj. I love you, dad, Anu tells his father. She tells Anupama not to worry about her, either.

Barkha and Ankush have returned home. Tea is something GK offers them. To save time in the morning, Barkha has GK make breakfast for them. She schemes against Anuj since she thinks they can take over the company if he doesn’t become better in a year. Kavya is curious about what Anupama can tell her about Vanraj’s conversation with her, and whether or not he had anything to do with Anuj’s injury. Despite the fact that Vanraj is the true villain, Anupama is uninterested and convinced that she lied about Samar and Kavya.