Anita Dunn Murder: Where Is Todd Greathouse Now?

Anita Dunn Murder

Anita Dunn Murder: If Willana “Anita” Dunn was reported missing from her Joplin, Missouri, house the local police believed it was an ordinary missing person case. But, the situation was turned upside down after her body was discovered in the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft. Investigation Discovery’s “Murder In The Heartland: Truth Will Kill’ recounts the horrific crime and reveals how the subsequent investigation by the police uncovered the culprit. If you’re interested in this story and want to know where the killer of Anita is currently we’ve got you covered.

How Did Anita Dunn Die?

Anita Dunn was a lively and joyful woman who lived within the town of Joplin within Missouri. Even though she was an independent woman who employed at a local bank and was a popular subject for gossip, her neighbors praised her generosity and kindness. 

Additionally, she welcomed all with a smile, and was always willing to lend a hand. According to the program, Anita was a pretty famous member of her neighborhood and she is still missed even to this day.

Anita Dunn Murder

On the 30th of May the 30th of May, 2016, her landlord, Todd Greathouse, and his wife Linda met with The Joplin police to inquire about Anita’s disappearance. 

It is interesting to note that Todd said that he had not look for Anita until in the midday of May.

He even seemed to be insisting that the incident could be related to a robbery which went wrong. 

Actually, after police conducted an exhaustive search of Anita’s home, Todd pointed at a damaged doorway and said that the house might be a victim of a break-in. 

With no evidence of forced entry point, police were not prepared to accept Todd’s idea.

Anita Dunn Murder

After analyzing the pings on Anita’s cell phone authorities from law enforcement stumbled across an abandoned mine shaft that was full of stagnant water. 

Determined to retrieve her body, police set up an underwater camera, and observed an unidentified body being that was weighed down by a few stones. 

Then, divers leapt into action, and within a short time the body of the victim was lifted from the submerged. An autopsy later found it was Anita Dunn was strangled to death.

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Who Killed Anita Dunn?

It is interesting to note that the day prior to when Anita was declared missing, the police found her missing wallet. It contained the address of Webb City. 

According to the report, Anita had previously rented the Webb City residence from Todd and his wife.

 However, when authorities interrogated Todd and he did not declare his relationship with Anita. 

However, the police were not content with Todd’s responses and began searching for the body of the victim in order to establish their case.

After the body of Anita was found the authorities realized she was strangled, and intensified their efforts in finding a satisfactory conclusion. 

In addition, during the investigation, police learned about the fact that the tenant, Todd, had been sentenced of a second-degree murder in 1983 , but was released about eight years prior to the death of Anita. 

In addition, while on the parole period within Missouri, Todd was arrested for possession of a controlled substance in March of 2016 and did not show up for court only a few days prior to his second crime.

However, just a few days after the crime, the authorities received a phone call from a local pastor, who claimed Todd admitted about the killing. 

Investigators quickly investigated the case and discovered that Todd admitted to murdering Anita to his wife and his sister.

 His sister later admitted the crime to her pastor who contacted the police. So, with sufficient evidence sufficient to warrant arrest, Todd was arrested and was charged with murder.

Where Is Todd Greathouse Now?

In the courtroom, Todd mentioned that he had unfaithful relationships with Anita but then killed her when she threatened to confess before his wife. However, the Anita’s family members have denied any evidence of an affair. Todd was found guilty of murder in the first degree. The result was that Todd was sentenced to prison with no chance of parole in the year 2017. Since the time, Todd has tried to have his sentence thrown out but his appeals were not accepted. Even though his prison records appear to be unavailable at today, Todd appears to be being held in an Missouri prison since there is no way to appeal his parole.