Angus Collins Accident:Know Everything About Him

It is with great sadness that we announce the unexpected passing of Angus Collins on Thursday, 2nd February 2023. The beloved 22-year-old had been out riding his bicycle in Melbourne when he was tragically involved in a fatal accident.

Angus Collins Accident ?

The news of Angus Collins’ untimely death on Thursday 2nd February 2023 came as a shock to those who knew him. The Melbourne cyclist had been riding in West Melbourne at the time of his fatal accident, which was allegedly caused by a concrete truck. Footscray Road was the site for this tragedy, occurring shortly before 12.30 p.m. It is difficult to comprehend how such a tragic event could occur within the span of just minutes and how it will affect the loved ones left in its wake. Despite no single person or entity being responsible, Angus Collins’ death serves as a reminder of how vigilant we must remain when engaging with motor vehicles on Melbourne’s roads.

This guy died on my route home, I’ve witnessed several near misses here.I didn’t know him, but this could have been me. It wasn’t, luckily. But it easily could have could have been prevented, it’s a horrific crossing and it shouldn’t take someone paying the ultimate price for it to change.RIP mate 💔

How did Angus Collins die ?

The tragic and unfortunate death of a cyclist in Melbourne is the third fatality recorded on Victorian roads this morning. Paramedics were dispatched to the scene, but they could not bring him back to life. The truck driver, a male, was hospitalized with no changes to his condition. At present, he is supporting investigations into what exactly happened. While two outbound lanes on Footscray Road have recently been made available, heavy vehicles trying to use that road are still likely facing long traffic wait times for their destination at the port. Numerous lanes on Dock Link Road remain closed due to the accident. These terrible accidents serve as another reminder of just how important it is for all drivers to be cautious and aware of one another while traversing roads in order to keep themselves and others safe.

Go fund me page setup for Angus Collins

On Thursday 3rd February 2023, Tony Maughan set up a GoFundMe account to gather donations for Angus Collins’ funeral and memorial expenses. Unfortunately, only $1,885 out of the $3,000 target had been collected at the time of this report. Unfortunately, despite 22 donors having contributed at the time of writing, no single donation exceeded $250 – an issue which has dismayed campaign supporters across the local area.

Excerpts from the page indicate that Angus tragically lost his life while participating in one of his favorite activities – riding his bike. As such, the Brunswick Cycling Club believes it is their responsibility to look after Angus’ family in this difficult moment by providing financial assistance to cover necessary costs. Whilst money won’t bring back a young man so full of life with his beautiful smiling face, any contribution towards the cause can help bring comfort and closure during this testing time.

Tributes pour to Angus Collins death?

So very tragic. Sending love to all the Brunswick Cycling Club community and the Collins Family. Inclusive Sports Training Cyclists .

What do I say , besides I’m numb. This morning I’ve learnt of the horrific news, of your passing Angus Collins Angus . You came to us here in Bundaberg and rode your heart out, as part of our event! You never forgot about any of us! You always reached out and always wished me a happy birthday and never forgot to say hi! I’m truly sorry 😞 that you have gained your wings far too early. I’m sitting here in an airport in total disbelief. To Angus’s family thank you for blessing this world with Angus, my deepest condolences and sympathies to you! I’m lost for words, and those who know me best, know that that’s not me. Fly high, mate! Bundaberg will always love you! Tempo !

I’m so sad to read this Jase.
Thinking of everybody involved with Angus ❤️

I have no words. Angus was one of the good guys on and off the bike. Thinking of everyone who is heartbroken by this extremely sad news 😢 💔