How did Angela muto die ?Know her Cause of death , obituary And more

On Wednesday, December 28, 2022, the world witnessed the sad news of the passing of Angela Muto, who gained her fame as SheckyBeagleman on stage. At age 65, Angela had passed away due to cancer .

Since the news spread like wildfire over different social networks and platforms, numerous well-wishers have only been left shocked and grief-stricken. Widespread condolences are being paid to her family members and friends in commemoration of the late actress’s vibrant life and her legendary work that has inspired many fans over decades.

Who was Angela muto

Angela Muto was a luminous light in the world of entertainment, known popularly as SheckyBeagleman. She was born on July 7, 1957, in Port Chester, New York and left an undeniable legacy with her years spent on screen and paper.

She made a name for herself with roles such as USA Up All Night (1989), Twisted Fortune (2007), and Know Your Logic (2012) and found success behind the camera and pen as well; she was renowned for her wit and creative writing. Tragically, Angela Muto passed away at the age of 57.

However, her memory is still carried alive through fans who were inspired by her artistry. Hard-working but kindhearted, Angela Muto will not soon be forgotten by those who knew her or admired her talent from afar.

How did Angela muto die ? What was the cause of her death

It is with much sadness that news reports from Wednesday, December 28, 2022 have revealed the passing of beloved American actress Angela Muto. The 65 year old was fighting a long battle against cancer, and succumbed to the disease in her Port Chester home, surrounded by friends and family. No official statement regarding her death has been made so far by her family members, however it is expected that more information relating to her obituary and funeral arrangements will be released in due course. We will update here as soon as further information available

RIP Angela Muto (@sheckybeagleman). What an extraordinary person Angela was. Funny, kind and endlessly supportive. Angel’s was my barometer of decency for much of my adult life. If someone didn’t “get” Angela, I didn’t bother with them.i met Angela at the Boston Comedy club in the early 90’s when I lost a stand up contest to her. We connected immediately. She was wry, sarcastic and warm. Angela gave me a heads up on an amazing rent controlled apartment. Ken and Angela soon became those NYC neighbors that become family. Angela and Ken have been there for every milestone of my adult life.Angela had the most absurd sleeping habits, when I took her to dinner she was always an hour late and had a beautifully loud disposition.I’m so glad I was lucky enough to know Angela. And that I got to communicate to her how much I loved her. My heart breaks for Ken and the crazy beautiful Muto family. RIPANGELAMUTO RIPSHECKY

Tributes pour to angel muto death

User wrote
Oh no!!! I met Shecky Beagleman at a women’s comedy show in Manhattan. I know she’s smiling down on you from heaven. I know she loved you so very much.

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Angela Muto, a.k.a. Shecky Beagleman, passed away last night with her family by her side after a courageous, uncomplaining, hard-fought battle with cancer. She was a fantastic companion and wife to me, loved her many friends and believed in all of us through thick and thin. She would want all to laugh, love and carry on living great, fun lives. Got to her website (which she’s been working on lately), and please post pictures and memories here if you wish. Love to all! — Ken Forman

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I’m heartbroken to hear about Shecky Beagleman. Angela Muto was a glorious nutjob I met years ago through the NYC comedy scene, and we had a shorthand that insane NY Italians have with each other. She was such a sweet, funny, great person, and one of the most fearless actors I’ve ever met.

A short film she was in called Community Service was in my film festival this past June and I got to see her, she was so happy to have her work up on the big screen. I am going to miss her a lot.


Sending you lots of love and my sincere condolences Danny. When I think of Shecky I ajj my ways think of you and all the funny fast films you made together. I am so so so sorry