Angel Brinks opens up about ex-husband Bruce Sandlin’s Suicide on Basketball Wives

Angel Brinks opens up about ex-husband Bruce Sandlin’s Suicide on Basketball Wives
The fifth episode of Basketball Wives just aired on VH1, and the long-time star Angel Brinks made a shocking revelation. In the latest episode of Basketball Wives, Angel Brinks opens up about her ex-husband Bruce Sandlin’s suicide and how it affected her throughout her life.

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Bruce Sandlin a.k.a X1 was found dead in his Los Vegas house in July 2007. The reports emerged of the suicide as he had a bullet in his head. However, some of his friends have been skeptical about his death and believed there could be some sort of foul play.

Since then, Angel Brinks has recovered a lot in life. She’s currently on the show with his current partne Roccstar, who is also the father of the baby Brinks is carrying. The loving couple held a gender reveal party on the show at which Roccstar delivered her yet another promise ring while she was expecting a proposal. So were the cast and us.

Who was Bruce Sandlin a.k.a X1? Angel Brinks’ First Husband

Bruce David Sandlin, more popularly known as X1 (his stage name), was an American rapper known for his work with Gang Green and Onyx. He was born on March 6, 1979, in Brooklyn. A year later, his parents relocated to Queens.

Just during his teenage years, the rapper started demonstrating his skills in art by performing freestyle in public and at school. He made hip-hop an integral part of his life. He then went on to create a band with youngsters from his neighborhood. The group included Dez (who went on to be known as Still Livin’), Chop, Cyph Certified, and Whosane (rapper Fredro Starr’s brother).

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During this time, he acquired the moniker “X1” and started performing rap around fast-food chains like KFC, Mc Donalds, and others. The group also performed at certain events around the city.

After that, Onyx, a decorated hip-hop group of the era, noticed their talents and called them to the studio right away. They named the band “Gang Green” after Fredro Starr’s phrases. Onyx signed them to its own label, Armee Records, which was marketed by Capitol and Mercury Records.

Onyx also produced the band’s first single starring Bruce Sandlin- “I’ll Murder You.” The group also shot a music video for the single as it continued to rise in popularity. Bruce then became a sensation in the town and went on to receive multiple concerts and interviews.

Due to Bruce Sandlin’s ever-increasing popularity, Onyx decided to keep him all to themselves. The rapper found an unofficial position in the band contributing to the recording of three albums- Shut ‘Em Down, Bacdafucup: Part II, and Triggernometry. He also played a part in solo albums by Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz.

Bruce Sandlin’s Friends Suspect Foul Play in his Death

Bruce Sandlin was found dead in his Las Vegas residence on July 4, 2007. He had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head and a revolver was found present next to him. The exact reason for suicide was not known at the time of his death.

However, the deceased rapper’s friends believe that Bruce Sandlin didn’t commit suicide. Instead, he was murdered during the Fourth of July Fireworks Show and it was staged as suicide to save the culprits. Although there’s no evidence available for the same.

Angel Brinks has not yet spoken about this. She had previously revealed that the trauma and stress of Bruce Sandlin’s death were so huge that she birthed her son with the rapper, Azari, pre-maturely.

Sandlin also had a son with his first wife Baby Vasquez who he married 4 years before. His son’s name is Justyle Sandlin. It was also reported that Bruce always carried a weapon and shot himself because of recently divorced ex-wife Angel Brinks’ horrible remarks.

Basketball Wives Season 10 Episode 5 Highlights Feat. Angel Brinks

The fifth episode of the tenth season of Basketball Wives aired on Monday, June 13, 2022, at 8 PM ET on VH1. The episode featured longtime star Angel Brinks, who had been a part of the show since Season 4 where she was linked with NBA star Tyreke Evans.

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The latest one-hour episode showcased pure drama and emotions as fans witnessed the ladies playing with personal and professional obligations while also making revelations about their part. Most of the episode featured Jackie Christie meddling in other people’s relationships.

Angel Brinks held a gender reveal party for her baby with Roccstar, the popular American music producer, singer, and rapper. The duo is currently dating and it’s Brinks’s third official affair. At the party, Roccstar presented her with yet another promise ring.

Meanwhile, the show’s cast and Angel Brinks herself were thinking that a classic proposal was on the way. However, it didn’t happen. The rapper could be holding it for a bigger moment. We may find out in the upcoming episodes.