Andrew Rosindell Arrested: Why was Tory MP Arrested? Charges Explained

Andrew Rosindell (Tory MP), has been detained. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll recall an article from a few days ago about a Tory MP accused of se*ual misconduct. And now it’s being reported that a Tory MP has been detained on se*ual misconduct charges.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department Andrew Rosindell has been arrested. Andrew Rosindell is a Conservative MP from Romford & has good reputation in the political field but nowadays he is being investigated by the police for the above mentioned accusation.

If you’re interested in learning more about this report, read it all the way through. You can learn why he was arrested and what charges he may face if proved guilty.

Andrew Rosindell Arrested

Andrew Rosindell Arrested

For several se#ual offences, the Conservative MP has been barred by the Tory Chief Whip. We reported a few days ago that an unidentified Tory MP was seen watching po*nography  in the house while sitting next to a female MP.

Andrew Rosindell is the name of MP Andrew Rosindell is accused of watching po*nography  content while sitting close to a female MP in the House of Commons.

The Metropolitan Police is investigating the case, according to a unit source & under such charges he is got arrested on May 17, 2022.

Until further notice, the arrested MP will be unable to attend Parliament. Andrew Rosindell has been told not to attend the House of Commons until further notice, according to a Conservative Whips’ Office spokesperson. To understand more about this tale, continue reading.

What prompted the arrest of a Tory MP?

Andrew Rosindell is a Conservative MP who was elected in 2001 to represent the Greater London constituency of Romford.

The Heraldry Committee and All-Party Parliamentary Flags are both chaired by Andrew Rosindell.

He is also a member of the APPG in the UK (All-Party Parliamentary Group). Until the investigation is completed, the Conservative MP will stay in police detention.

The Met Police Department has already communicated with Tory Whips and Commons authorities.

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