Amber Perez Missing : What happened to her ?Know more About the Incident

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare when a child goes missing. The case of Amber Perez has left the entire community, especially her parents and school friends, devastated. Amber, who was only 14 and in the ninth grade at the High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology, was last seen leaving the school on Thursday afternoon. Since then, despite the police actively searching for her, there has been no trace of Amber. This article aims to provide more details about Amber’s disappearance, what we know so far, and how everyone can help in locating her. Keep reading more.

Amber perez Missing:When did Amber Perez go missing? When was she was last seen?

According to the reports, Amber took the Manhattan-bound R train at Bay Ridge Avenue and then boarded the Manhattan/Queens-bound F train at 3:39 p.m. It was the last known sighting of her. The police have been investigating the footage from the subway stations and her route since then. Amber’s family has urged anyone with information about her to contact the NYPD.

The entire community has been rallying behind Amber’s family since she went missing, and they have been actively sharing information on social media. The school has issued a statement saying that they are “deeply concerned” about Amber’s disappearance and that they are working with the NYPD. The school has also offered counseling and support to the students and faculty.

The police have described Amber as having brown eyes and black hair, standing at 5 feet and 6 inches tall, and weighing 130 pounds. She was last seen wearing a black hoodie, light-colored pants with shredded knees, black and white Converse shoes, and a black wedge purse. Amber was also carrying a black wedge backpack with her.

The disappearance of Amber raises concerns about the safety of children and young adults. It’s important for parents to talk to their children about what they should do if they ever happen to be in danger. Children should always be reminded to be cautious, to never talk to strangers, and to never get into a car or leave with someone they don’t know. The community also needs to come together to keep a lookout for each other and the children in their neighborhoods.

The disappearance of Amber Perez has left the community shaken. We can all help by sharing information about her on social media, being vigilant, and reporting anything suspicious we might see. Amber’s family is going through a difficult time, and our thoughts and prayers are with them. It’s hoped that the NYPD will soon find Amber and bring her home safely. It’s vital for everyone to remember that we need to look out for one another and prioritize the safety of our families and children.